Area: Level monitoring

23rd January 2024

Area: Level monitoring

Safe without a float LI level sensor for point level and leakage monitoring

Smart alternative for float switches

With the LI level sensor, you can reliably detect leakages and point levels on a permanent basis. The capacitive measuring system has no moving parts. Malfunction or maintenance measures due to deposits on the mechanical parts is therefore eliminated. Thanks to the WHG approval, you can also comply with the legal requirements in the environment of substances that are hazardous to water.

Easy set-up, digital communication

The sensors are factory-set for specific media (LI21xx: oils, LI51xx: aqueous media), so they can be easily put into operation via plug & play. Thanks to the teach button and IO-Link, the sensor can be adjusted to other media just as easily. Another advantage: the sensor also detects the temperature of the medium. This is transmitted via IO-Link but can also be assigned to one of the two switching outputs.

These sensors are used in applications with coolants, cleaning agents and lubricants as well as hydraulic oils. For more technical information, pricing & stock availability register with my ifm on our website.