Arc Flash workwear passes international testing

10th February 2017

Arc Flash workwear passes international testing

HOT STUFF The Arc Flash Protera workwear protects against the thermal hazards of electric arc
Photo by: Bloomberg

Technology solutions to personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier Dromex’s Arc Flash Protera workwear recently passed the Open Air Arc test.

The test was performed by life cycle management solutions company Kinectrics at its arc test facility in Canada.

The workwear garment also passed a Box Arc Test 8 Calories (Cal) at a ratio of 12.4 Cal/cm².

“Providing the correct PPE for health and safety is always our priority and, with a life‐threatening thermal hazard such as arc flash, we’re extremely pleased to know that our Protera garment offers the best workwear protection in its class,” says Dromex workwear merchandise manager Mike Varikas.

With an Arc Thermal Protective Value of 12.4 Cal/cm², the two‐piece garment was successfully tested to 16.8 Cal/cm² with no break through the garment, no ignition of any component or fabric, no melting or dripping and fully operable closure with only a “moderate charring of thermal indicator”.

The Dromex Protera garment officially conforms to the National Fire Protection Association 70E Class, marking a significant achievement in arc flash workwear technology.

Dromex also stocks a full range of arc PPE that includes balaclavas, gloves and goggles which protect against the thermal hazards of electric arc.

“As South Africa’s largest PPE wholesaler, we believe that all employees in any work environment are entitled to maximum safety protection and that employers should not have to compromise on the quality of the PPE products they provide for their staff,” says Dromex CEO Stel Stylianou.

Moreover, Dromex’s exclusive partner manufacturing footprint is one of the largest globally and is strictly run under the ISO 9001 :2000 quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

The company has a high-quality knitting and dipping facility that uses a fully automated production line and all finished products conform with international standards. Its internal laboratory is equipped with a professional testing centre conducting a large range of mechanical, thermal and chemical tests adhering to standards such as ISO, ANSI/ASTM and the CE.

Dromex understands the importance of worker safety and, with this in mind, it supplies, manufactures and develops every glove to the highest standards using leading-edge technology.

Moreover, after intensive research and development efforts, coupled with numerous years of end-market analysis and field testing, Dromex’s Taeki5Â fibre is now available in South Africa for the field of hand, arm and body protection. The Taeki5Â innovative core fibre produced in Germany is transformed in an exclusive partner production facility into high-performance safety gloves, sleeves and technical fabrics following strict quality and technical standards.