AR Controls

10th November 2023

AR Controls

Gauteng-based AR Controls is a leading manufacturer, importer and stockist of a comprehensive range of internationally recognised valves and instrumentation ideal for critical process applications in harsh mining environments.

Our core product lines include:

We also supply pneumatic panels and enclosures in various materials and configurations for the remote and safe automation of our control valves in critical or hazardous applications. These enclosure solutions are optimised for on/off and modulating control valves.

AR Controls is a multinational company and one of the largest stockists of its kind on the African continent. We supply premium products backed by exceptional service with direct operations in Africa and central America. We also have an aggressive, forward-thinking strategy to open new operations in South America and the Middle East.

Since 1995, AR Controls has been offering innovative and efficient process and control valve solutions to industrial clients in mining and minerals processing, petrochemicals, iron and steel, power generation, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and oil and gas industries.

Since 1998, AR Controls has been the exclusive distributor on the African continent for DeZURIK. DeZURIK is a family of time-honored brands including DeZURIK, APCO, Hilton, Willamette, 

Red Valve, Tideflex and RKL Controls.

Founded in 1928, DeZURIK manufactures a wide variety of quality process valves including knife gate valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and the original eccentric plug valve.

APCO Valves is the premier air valve, check valves and AWWA ball valves supplier in the waterworks industry.

Since 1952, the Hilton name has stood for “fabricated construction” in the design and production of innovative valves for a variety of industries.

Willamette metal seated cone valves and AWWA metal seated ball valves are trusted worldwide for performance and reliability.

Red Valve is a trusted global leader for innovative, manufactured pinch and check valve products, elastomers and engineered systems since 1953.

Tideflex offers a full line of check valves for backflow prevention and custom-engineered systems for water mixing, aeration and effluent diffusers. Decades of proven field operation, research and development, and continuous engineering enhancements have all combined to make their check valves the most reliable in the industry today.

Solving your most demanding control valve application has been the single, driving force behind RKL Controls and its parent company, Red Valve Company.

AR Controls wholly owns the INCOVALVE & CONTROLS and ARVALV brands of industrial process and control valves.

AR Controls acquired IncoValve and Controls in 2017. The two companies have worked closely to combine the latest design and manufacturing technologies with decades of field experience. This has resulted in premium engineered products that are rugged, affordable, practical and reliable.

Products include our INCOLOK butterfly valves, available in concentric and high-performance double-offset valve designs in various material, trim and connection configurations. 

Our INCOVALVE ball valves come in a three-piece full port floating ball design in a wide variety of end connections and materials as well as a flanged, full bore, split body floating ball construction available in various materials and flange drilling options. Designed to be robust and manufactured to the highest quality standards, the valves offer superior service life, even in the most challenging industrial applications. 

AR Controls INCOAIR actuators are available in stainless steel and aluminium alloy rack and pinion actuators, high-performance, high-torque output scotch yoke actuators, and stainless steel and standard linear actuators. All actuators are available in either double-acting or fail-safe, with the latter being achieved through spring return or air failsafe reservoir designs.

Finally, a range of INCO accessories will complement the product range, including valve lockouts, solenoid valves, switchboxes, feedback sensors, positioners and air-filter regulators, all available to suit customer specifications.

AR Controls has been manufacturing the ARVALV® since 1999 at its Vanderbijlpark factory. The range has achieved significant market penetration in critical process applications in the mining industry as the original equipment manufacturer continues to expand its footprint in key mining regions globally.

AR Controls is actively seeking to introduce new and innovative products, adopting the latest technologies and manufacturing methods available to industry.