Applications for Coega Global Scholars Programme to close this Friday

21st July 2021 By: Simone Liedtke - Writer

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) on July 21 reminded qualifying candidates to apply for the Coega Global Scholars Programme (CGSP) before the closing date on Friday, July 23 at 17:00.

The CGSP is a talent identification and retention programme, which seeks to strengthen the capacity of the CDC by training current management talent at postgraduate level, as well as future talent by sending candidates to selected top-tier global universities specialising in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and related interdisciplinary studies.

The CGSP is aimed at progressively building a valuable, unique and fresh talent pool that will enable the realisation of a sustainable competitive advantage and create stakeholder value.

The programme is in line with the CDC’s vision to be a catalyst for championing socioeconomic development.

The programme seeks to contribute towards socioeconomic transformation, organisational and national capacity as the benefits will not only be realised by the CDC, but by all institutions that continue to enjoy the CDC’s expertise and support.

“The programme is designed to ensure sustainable gender representation and organisational transformation. Thus, it seeks to ensure a 60% participation for women in the programme,” says CDC human resources head Zola Ngoma.

Applicants can visit the Coega website on for an application form.