App to help customers diagnose, fix slow Internet

30th September 2020 By: Schalk Burger - Creamer Media Senior Contributing Editor

Internet services provider RocketNet has launched its Probe app to help customers diagnose and fix problems with their Internet speed.

The app, available for Apple and Android devices, removes the guesswork of diagnosing a customer’s internal network and points the company to the exact issue, says RocketNet CEO Simon Swanepoel.

"Most Internet service providers will tell customers to reboot their router in the hope this will solve their issues, but downloading this app saves our customers time and money through its operational efficiency,” he notes.

“During the Covid-19 lockdown, we saw a surge in demand for communication services, with Internet users spending more hours online than previously. With customers having the RocketNet Probe app, our sales support staff have been able to diagnose Internet connectivity issues quickly and seamlessly,” explains Swanepoel.

With the app, customers and agents are able to work together to diagnose the cause of slow Internet connection and remedy the issues to get their Internet at the level of performance it should be. With the app, RocketNet customer service agents can securely, remotely and anonymously access a customer’s router to configure their full internal network.

The app was developed by Canada-based company RouteThis, which developed it to “revolutionise the customer support experience for both support agents and customers”.

The app uses a Symptom Collection and Optimal Resolution Engine. This intelligent technology analyses symptoms and solutions over millions of scans in order to recommend statistically optimised troubleshooting and resolution paths.

The app leverages real-time home network diagnostics to suggest optimal resolution paths that evolve and learn over time.

From the app, customers can diagnose their Internet connection simply by placing their smartphone next to their WiFi router. The app tests the health and configuration of the home network and then walks customers through resolution steps for identified issues.

To help the process along, customers can send a photo directly from their phone to a RocketNet support consultant or, if necessary, open their phone’s camera for a live video feed of the setup they have in their home or office so that a RocketNet consultant can inform them which device is which and what to do.

The RocketNet Probe app works with any Internet service provider that a customer may be signed up with and is not an exclusive service to RocketNet customers.

“We believe customers should have the best Internet experience possible, whether they are a RocketNet customer or not. It’s what we do, it’s what we are passionate about and we believe we exist to make a difference in people’s lives through the power of Internet access,” says Swanepoel.

RouteThis CEO Jason Moore says customers want to be able to resolve their own connectivity challenges immediately and effectively. RouteThis' mission is to empower them to do so through intuitive digital interactions. "We are excited to partner with RocketNet to bring these benefits to its customers."