App ensures improved security for businesses

9th December 2016 By: Victor Moolman - Creamer Media Writer

App ensures improved security for businesses

CONNECTED SECURITY Users and businesses can connect monitoring equipment to the application

To further improve security for businesses, technological engineer and mobile application (app) provider ttrumpet has designed a mobile app that will enable businesses to monitor their surroundings, link camera systems and provide new information on any security risks.


rumpet director Charles Murray explains that any business can connect through the app and register its address with the company’s app enabling businesses to communicate with communities and connect their security systems.

“When a user looks at the app, they can find out what is happening around them, what the businesses in the user’s area are doing.”

The app, can, connect several different security systems, which allows for easy access in one application. Murray explains that motion detectors, cameras, water-level detectors and other measuring equipment can easily be connected to the app and, if the business or users allow it, other users of the app can see what the equipment is monitoring.

Using ttrumpet will enable communities to communicate better, which will result in less money being spent to ensure that a community is being properly monitored.

For instance, cities in which the app is being piloted – Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg – do not always have enough money to buy expensive camera equipment to monitor wards.

“The police and community policing forums (CPF) want to use licence plate recognition cameras to track suspicious vehicles. When everyone is connected through ttrumpet, it will be easier to connect the systems that do this together,” Murray adds.

However, ttrumpet was developed to help not only businesses, police and CPFs to connect but also for normal people to connect to authorities and each other.

Currently, a lot of the systems – like Facebook and WhatsApp – in use rely on a large group of people communicating simultaneously, which is inefficient. The app makes police statistics and information about crime categories available for users of the app. The app limits users to reporting incidents as a particular category of crime, making it very accurate and potentially indispensable for the police and CPFs to accurately register and pursue incidents.

“The crime report doesn’t get lost in a sea of other reports and users can view the location of recent incidents on a map,” Murray explains.

Currently, CPF members have to compile the information received from criminal incidents on a spreadsheet, after which it is compiled into one document, which is then shared among the CPF members and authorities, he says, adding that it gets quite complicated and cumbersome to the leaders of the CPFs.

“Further, we enable the leaders of the CPFs to draw reports based on each crime category. We started collecting information about criminal behaviour over the last year with the app generating reports from the information that we gathered, which anyone can draw on,” he explains.

Murray highlights that collectively the app has about 20 000 beta users in the country.

Although ttrumpet has been creating awareness among businesses and people regarding the app, Murray concludes that the company “has not actively advertised yet, but . . . is relaunching the ttrumpet app at the start of February 2017”.