Apex Cordset Technologies

29th September 2023

Apex Cordset Technologies

Apex Cordset Technologies (Apex) is a dynamic company with a strong focus on technology and manufacturing, specialising in a wide range of electrical products and cable assemblies.

Apex prides itself on its vast product range, with three dedicated manufacturing business units, serving various industries, including consumer electronics, retail, mining, white appliances, refrigeration, IT, lighting and the renewable energy sector.

Each business unit’s main focus is as follows:

With an impressive yearly capacity of 7.8-million, 6-million and 24-million units respectively, we are confident we can fulfil most, if not all, requirements. Its product development leverages extensive tooling capabilities to provide innovative solutions.

With over 900 personnel, we have the expertise and capacity to deliver tailor-made products within exceptional lead times. 

We place a strong emphasis on quality and precision and are proudly ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 accredited, which ensures strict in-house quality control measures throughout the production process. Our commitment to safety, reliability and compliance is supported by our three laboratories, situated on-site, allowing self-regulation and affording us confidence in our products. 

Being dedicated to excellence, Apex has not only established a strong foothold in the local market, but has successfully exported its products to various countries establishing a strong global presence.

“Connections for life” lies at the heart of our business philosophy. This means we do not only deliver exceptional and reliable products, but also nurture enduring relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. We are committed to growth opportunities and our agility allows us to adapt to changing market conditions without compromising on product and service quality.

Apex Cordset Technologies is a company that prioritises quality, innovation and customer relationships.