Anton Paar

6th August 2021

Anton Paar

Anton Paar has a long history of providing high-end laboratory instruments: density meters, refractometers, polarimeters, viscometers, rheometers and instruments for material characterization.

Rotational Viscometer: ViscoQC

Obtain the most reliable and traceable viscosity results in your day-to-day work with ViscoQC, with the risk of measurement errors eliminated. Free up your time and budget with the simplest spindle exchange mechanism, automatic spindle detection, automatic speed searching function for new formulations, and more.

Gas pycnometers: Ultrapyc series

Accurately measure true density, track purity and porosity and control the quality of your solid materials throughout your process, with Anton Paar’s Ultrapyc series. Analyze any sample from cement to catalysts and even slurries. Solid density has never been faster, simple or more precise.

Particle size analyzer: PSA

The better you know your particles, the better you can predict your materials’ behavior. With the laser diffraction technology of the PSA series you can determine the particle size and particle size distribution of both – liquid dispersions and dry powders from the nanometer up to the millimeter range. 

Benchtop Refractometer: Abbemat

Abbemat refractometers can be used for fast and highly accurate refractive index and concentration measurement of binary chemical solutions with more than 200 methods available. Compared to titration the Abbemat refractometer requires less sample volume, no maintenance and no sample preparation.

Density Meter: DMA 1001 

From measuring results to concentration: there are numerous Anton Paar Density meters are available. Concentration determination is essential for the smooth production process of a variety of chemicals and products including plastics, resins, adhesives and more. DMA 1001 also plays an important role in water treatment, aluminum production and oil refining as well as in the pulp and paper industry.