Altdorf Engineers

3rd May 2019 By: Yolande Botes - Creamer Media Assistant Chief Operating Officer and Personal Assistant to the Publishing Editor

Altdorf Engineers

Altdorf Engineers was established in 1997 and has earned its reputation by providing high quality, professional service throughout its history.

 Altdorf Engineers is the exclusive South African agent for the range of ELCA and IMET Remote Control Systems as well as a distributor of TELECRANE and JUUKO Remote Control Systems.

 Its products have been designed to ensure comfort and simplicity without compromising on safety, productivity and efficiency. The company is known for its reliability and high quality materials, and undergoes a number of tests to ensure this.

The PWM Hydra system, made of compact electro-hydraulic actuators that work in combination with the company’s radio controllers, can be retro-fitted without any welding on the crane rods and without modifying the crane’s own oil circuit.

The actuators’ hydraulic circuit is totally independent from the crane hydraulics, 
thanks to the use of a dedicated power pack. This avoids oil-sharing problems that can arise due to the presence of contaminants in the crane oil and compromising the reliable working of the actuator pistons. This strategy avoids all possible problems arising from oil sharing 
where crane fluid characteristics can be inappropriate for the actuators because of spurious elements generated by heavy working conditions.  It also ensures redundancy in case of electronics or communications failure. 

The power pack is activated on demand and has a soft start motor. All this contributes to battery saving and pump life enhancement.

The calibration of each actuator can be performed via radio directly from the transmitter. The Hydra system kit is comprehensive and consists of a block of actuators, a power pack, wiring between the receiver/actuators/power pack, rod clamps and hydraulic piping.

All IMET products carry a three-year warranty on the electronic modules and comply to the highest international levels of functional safety.