Almar ISOTainers – the ultimate bulk liquid storage solution

9th April 2021

Almar ISOTainers – the ultimate bulk liquid storage solution

Almar have a wide range of ISO Tanks available in South Africa including food grade and chemical grade tanks which are internationally approved to meet global safety standards and are inspected before and after each use. 

These bulk storage tanks have the capacity to carry up to 26 000 litres of liquid which has significant advantages over traditional 44 gallon drums or IBCs (Immediate Bulk Containers) which require substantial manpower to unload, fill, seal and load for transportation and, depending on the liquid being stored, are often single use.

IBCs store between 200 and 1 250 litres versus Almar ISOtainers’ 21 000 to 26 000 litres reducing the manpower needed to fill the ISO Tanks which minimises handling of the product by staff – a priority in reducing the spread of infection or exposure when it comes to hazardous waste.

Almar ISOtainers are built to last and have an estimated lifespan of 20 – 30 years. This means that they can be reused numerous times to store bulk liquids such as ethanol or liquid waste which reduces costly environmental packaging waste.

These bulk liquid storage containers are stackable and with maximising space, time and budget being a priority, Almar ISOtainers on lease are the ultimate solution.

Renting the ISO Tanks from Almar means that stock can be increased or decreased depending on demand for the storage of bulk liquids. Almar’s trained technicians take care of all the technical or maintenance requirements during the course of the lease, allowing the customer to focus on their core business.  

Almar ISOtainers are configurable and can be built to safely carry a huge variety of loads, such as: alcoholic beverages, ethanol, liquid waste, food products, hydrogen peroxide, mining chemicals, nitric acid, oils, resins, solvents, sulphuric acid and more.