Air and Lab Products Africa

29th November 2019

Air and Lab Products Africa

Air and Lab Products Africa (ALPA) is in the filtration and associated equipment business. The business operates throughout the African continent with no boundaries. The business has expanded over the years not only in filtration but to cover ‘Clean room’ environments as well as ‘Containment facilities’. 

We sell a variety of air filters, from basic primary filters to High Efficiency Particulate Filters (HEPA); but that’s not all, we also provide HEPA filter testing equipment (ATI) and cleanroom classification instruments (Lighthouse). Our certification engineers are trained and qualified to provide fast and reliable filter integrity testing and cleanroom classification services internationally.

We are the appointed distributers of Camfil, Filtair and The Baker Company and can provide filters to all specification’s required in the various industries we operate in. We have clients in the mining industry, power generating industry, nuclear industry, pharmaceuticals industry, bio containment industry, hospitals, theatres, various laboratories and HVAC industry.

Filters and filter solutions that we provide among many other solutions include: