Agri SA value chain services company grows to fully fledged status

18th September 2020 By: Marleny Arnoldi - Creamer Media Online Writer

Agricultural organisation Agri SA’s new company Agri SA Enterprises has evolved into a fully fledged company with a focus on food value chain services.

Agri SA in 2015 appointed an executive management member Omri van Zyl to incubate the company and solidify its service offering, which comprises involvement, establishing and funding of commercial agricultural partnerships between established and developing farming entities.

Agri SA Enterprises now consists of highly experienced and qualified experts who have exposure to, and a thorough understanding of, the complex financial, production, logistical, operational and contextual dimensions of commercial partnerships and other ventures in the commercial agricultural sector.

Van Zyl has been appointed as the CEO of Agri SA Enterprises, reporting to a board of directors of the company, with Agri SA remaining the 100% shareholder of Agri SA Enterprises.