Afrox gas equipment to be manufactured in Europe

9th June 2017

Afrox gas equipment to be manufactured in Europe

As part of the international Linde Group, Afrox is supplying the sub-Saharan market with innovative technology and solutions that are customised for local requirements, while at the same time providing the highest possible standards of quality.

Innovating for customers is a core value for Afrox and the Linde Group, as together they continually improve on their reputations as high performance organisations by ensuring they supply world-class products and services that meet customer needs in an ever changing business environment.

Roberto Dionisio, Head of Research and Development at Afrox Integrated Customer Solutions explains that the recent decision by Linde to move the manufacturing of Afrox’s gas equipment from South Africa to Europe will guarantee that Afrox customers will receive the best possible quality products, and although manufacturing has moved, there is still a strong after-sale service and technical support offered through the local Afrox Research and Development Department.
Dionisio adds that Afrox is still responsible for all research and development activities around Afrox gas equipment products, with components meeting the approval and high testing standards set by the Afrox Research and Development team before being sent for international certification.

“With the relocation of manufacturing to Italy, these products have been re-certified to ISO2503,” says Dionisio. “Furthermore, Afrox is in the position of being able to offer the highest levels of after-sales service available, as testing and repairs are still carried out in South Africa and the products are held in stock here for expeditious delivery and exchange if under warranty.”

The Afrox gas equipment that is now been manufactured in Italy, includes single-stage and multi-stage regulators from the well-recognised Afrox range.

“Quality of equipment and compliance with global standards are two areas that Afrox is not prepared to compromise.  We strive to deliver high quality and safe gas equipment to the market based on research into the needs of our customers,” affirms Dionisio.

To this end the Afrox Research and Development team continually endeavours to improve products and has recently embarked on several research projects with The Linde Group, the benefits of which will be made available to the southern African market in the near future.

The Linde Group is the largest gases and engineering company in the world, renowned for their innovative drive and commitment to excellence, while Afrox is the leading provider of industrial gases and welding and safety equipment to the heavy industry, mining, manufacturing, automotive and construction sectors in southern Africa, and has maintained a strong and leading market presence in the region for the past 90 years.