Advanced lighting technology boasts significant improvements

1st September 2017

Advanced lighting  technology boasts  significant improvements

TRADITIONALLY COMPLEX Lighting solutions for parkades are complex projects, as most of the installation work needs to be done outside of normal business hours

Advanced lighting technology from electrical solutions provider Magnet Energy has significantly improved light levels, enhanced safety and contributed to energy savings at the Centurion Mall parkade, in Pretoria.

Magnet Energy divisional head Dean Lotter says what is notable about the project is the installation of Magnet’s Lite-C wireless binary controllers in specific areas of the parkade.

“The Centurion Mall parkade upgrade project shows an improvement in light levels in the parkade, from 12 units of illumination, or lux, to 50 lux. The project encompassed an on-site lighting audit, engineering and lighting design, specification of technology, installation and commissioning.”

He adds that Magnet’s ecofriendly solutions to reduce wasted electricity and improve lighting quality at the parkade also included the installation of Philips and Mars light- emitting diode (LED) fittings, as well as Schneider sensors.

Lotter notes that the advanced radio frequency technology used in the project allows input devices to communicate with and control output devices up to 200 m, without the need for cabling. “If no movement is detected by the sensor after a certain time period, the lights are automatically switched off.”

He explains that lighting solutions for parkades are traditionally complex projects, as most of the installation work needs to be done outside normal business hours, when the parking area has been vacated.

He points out that Magnet’s energy efficient Mars and Philips LED lighting systems ensure optimum quality of light and extended lamp service life.

Apart from lighting solutions, the company’s energy saving service also incorporates metering, hot water systems, air-conditioning controls and solar systems.

Magnet Energy, which forms part of the Magnet Group of Companies, has assisted many leading property groups in South Africa, designing and installing lighting systems for shopping malls, offices, hotels and industrial applications, the company enthuses.

“Our team has contributed significantly to the reduction of wasted energy in industrial and commercial sectors throughout South Africa,” notes Lotter.

He concludes by mentioning that, with extensive experience in turnkey lighting projects, the Magnet team understands that every installation is unique and requires customised engineering solutions.