Acquisition to boost tunnelling offering

19th April 2024

Acquisition to boost tunnelling offering

GOING VIRTUAL DSI Underground has acquired virtual reality training specialist Edvirt to provide products and training courses to mining and tunnelling clients globally

In an effort to drive efficiency and safety across mining and tunnelling operations, mining product and systems developer DSI Underground SMART, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSI Underground, completed the acquisition of virtual reality training specialist Edvirt, in February.

Edvirt provides products and training courses to mining and tunnelling clients globally based on its modern virtual reality training technology.

Edvirt is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and will contribute to DSI Underground SMART’s growing portfolio of intelligent digital solutions and services.

Edvirt will develop new services for DSI Underground SMART, but will also continue to operate as a standalone company and serve its international customer base.

“Mining and tunnelling require efficient and intelligent digital solutions,” says DSI Underground CEO Michael Reich.

He adds that, currently, simulator-based remote training courses and certification programmes are increasingly becoming part of daily business.

In 2021, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions signed an agreement to acquire DSI Underground, following which DSI and Edvirt will become part of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

The acquisition of DSI by Sandvik closed in the third quarter of 2021, subject to relevant regulatory approvals.

“We are very pleased to have gained a well-positioned partner in Edvirt and welcome many knowledgeable new colleagues to join our team,” enthuses Reich.

Further, he says DSI Underground SMART and Edvirt will be able to offer an “unmatched” virtual training offering, supporting safety and productivity across the underground development cycle.

“Together we will drive our growth forward and reinforce progress,” states Reich.

“Our mission from the start has been to develop the industry to become safer and smarter, using intelligent digital solutions such as training simulators,” says Edvirt CEO Tomislav Rogan, adding that the company is therefore excited to join the DSI Underground and Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, family.

Edvirt co-founder and business development head Eric Odkrans explains that the company is a testament to innovation becoming an industry standard. “We are happy to go into a new phase increasing our digital service and product portfolio and reaching more clients globally together with our new partners,” he concludes.