4IR strategies fast-track company’s procedures

1st November 2019 By: Mamaili Mamaila - Features Writer and Social Media Specialist

4IR strategies fast-track  company’s procedures

RAPID ENHANCEMENT Meeting the prerequisites of 4IR can rapidly improve business procedures

Incorporating Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) strategies into its operations has enabled storage equipment manufacturer and supplier Universal Storage Systems to fast-track certain aspects of its procedures that had previously lagged behind.

“We are only in the infancy stages of 4IR applications; however, we are aware that meeting the prerequisites of 4IR can rapidly improve the business,” says Universal Storage Systems national sales manager Dean Jackson.

Subsequently, as part of a global market, the company is broadening its reach into Africa directly through its network of traders and strategic partners. Describing it as “turning lemons into lemonade”, Jackson enthuses that this will enable the company to unlock new revenue streams.

“The rest of Africa continues to be a market that promises rapid growth for the future, and the company will be focused on monitoring new developments and opportunities in those markets.”

He mentions that innovation continues to be at the forefront for Universal Storage Systems.

As there are limitations to prospective growth, consolidation is paramount for the company. As such, Jackson tells Engineering News that the company will be “looking inwards” with the vision of improving towards excellence and skills development.

“In 2020 and beyond, we will continue to deliver the same steadfast, quality, backup service and attention to detail for which we are known. “We will hopefully conclude some projects during 2020 that are presently still in the planning stages,” concludes Jackson.