Cordless die grinder introduced onto market

7th April 2017

Cordless die grinder introduced onto market

MILWAUKEE’S M18 FUEL DIE GRINDER The grinder has been engineered for the most demanding tradesmen globally

Tools and dies manufacturing company Milwaukee introduced its new M18 fuel die grinder in January.

“When faced with a situation that requires grinding in tight spaces or irregular surfaces, mechanical and metal fabrication professionals will most often turn to a die grinder to get the job done, however, the cordless options available in the market do not offer the performance or runtime required for prolonged use,” says Milwaukee product management VP Oliver Lerch.

Unwilling to settle on subpar performance, Lerch says the company spent countless hours conducting jobsite research and advancing its technologies until it could introduce a solution that provides a true productivity enhancement as with the M18 fuel die grinder.

“By combining elements of three previous models namely the Powerstate brushless motor, the Redlithium-ion battery pack and Redlink plus intelligence hardware and software, the M18 fuel die grinder delivers breakthrough performance. This provides users with the ability to remove material faster than with a corded die grinder and with more power than any cordless die grinder,” he says.

Milwaukee’s Powerstate brushless motor, which forms part of the grinder, improves the motor life of the tool by up to ten times that of the competition.

The new die grinder also features the same metal housing and gearing system responsible for delivering the performance and durability found in Milwaukee’s corded die grinders.

This combination of no wearable components and better durability means users will have to service their tool less, translating to a much lower cost of ownership.

The company states that it is committed to improving productivity by providing performance-driven and trade-focused solutions so users can perform an entire day’s work on one battery system.

The new model is fully compatible with the entire M18 line, offering more than 100 power tool products, including a full range of cordless solutions for mechanical and metal fabrication professionals to cut, prep, weld and grind.

The M18 fuel die grinder is engineered for the most demanding tradesmen globally. All M18 fuel products deliver unmatched power, run-time and durability on the jobsite.