Full management solution for on-board maintenance launched

3rd August 2018

Full management solution for on-board maintenance launched

ACROSS THE BOARD Seastock System covers all on-board maintenance systems for a client

Marine coatings supplier Jotun launched an innovative solution that brings simplicity, predictability and optimal quality to the process of marine on-board maintenance.

Launched in June, the SeaStock Management Solution will see Jotun assuming full management of its customers’ on-board maintenance. This encompasses condition surveys, full ordering and logistics, direct communication with vessels, business and technical reviews, optimising products for individual requirements, and crew education.

It is the first offer of its kind on the market.

“On-board maintenance is an essential but specialised area that requires time, understanding and commitment,” says Jotun DryDock & SeaStock concept manager Habibe Escobar Meléndez.

Often conducted in difficult conditions, by crew that may lack sufficient training, there is a risk of poor quality application – leading to premature corrosion – and excessive paint consumption. Then there is the commitment from management required to order, monitor and optimise the process to achieve the best efficiency, costs and results.

“With SeaStock Management Solution, Jotun takes on board all this responsibility and professionalises the process to achieve optimal results. This reduces hassle, frees up time and resources and, importantly, improves the condition of the assets. The solution allows our customers to focus on what they do best, running maritime businesses. It is a simple way to tackle what can be a complex and costly process.”

The solution is tailored to meet individual customer’s needs. For a set lump sum, Jotun takes full control of a company’s paint locker and ensures a mix of the best products, while educating relevant crew members to achieve the best quality finishes, prolong maintenance intervals and achieve significant cost savings.

Speaking about the new arrangement, a major ship management company in Singapore, which has been piloting the concept, says it values Jotun’s effort to further strengthen their partnership with the company through the SeaStock Management Solution. “This programme is helping us optimise the on-board maintenance of our fleet, have better budget control and improve the condition of our vessels.”

Clients can reduce their paint consumption by 15%, minimise the number of deliveries and simplify the product assortment, resulting in smoother handling from the office and by the crew. Quarterly business and technical reviews are provided, and the close follow-up from Jotun means clients are always informed and in control,” Escobar Meléndez points out.

Ship management firm DS Tankers in Germany has added that it tried the SeaStock Management Solution with some of its tanker vessels. So far, paint consumption has been reduced by 17%, compared with the previous year and by 11%, compared with vessels on a conventional SeaStock contract.

Jotun, which provides coatings for about 25% of the world fleet, also assigns a professional in-house team to manage each customer and monitor coating condition and quality. “It provides a full picture of costs and ensures predictability, while slashing management and administration duties. There is a clear market demand for this kind of innovative solution, and we’re proud to be the first paint company to provide it,” says Escobar Meléndez.

Jotun is the number one marine coatings supplier globally with an extensive global delivery network. SeaStock Management Solution is available on the market.