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Seeraj Mohamed

Seeraj Mohamed
Mohamed is the director of the Corporate Strategy and Industrial Development Research Programme in the School of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand –

DTI is building capacity for industrial development

By: Seeraj Mohamed     25th February 2011 The Corporate Strategy and Industrial Development Research Programme (CSID) - the University of the Witwatersrand's (Wits') economics policy research unit of which I am director – hosted a launch of the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI's) capacity building programme at hte university in... 

Govts must carefully manage global integration in today’s uncertain world

By: Seeraj Mohamed     21st January 2011 We enter 2011 with much global economic uncertainty. South Africans should consider the country's economic policies and activities within the context of an uncertain and volatile global economy.  

2011 – another year of global economic uncertainty 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     14th January 2011 The year 2010 sped past at a high speed. We still have not recovered from the global financial and economic crises and the sovereign debt crises may still lead us into the second dip of a global recession.  

Straight talk on the exchange rate debate 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     10th December 2010 We have had much discussion about the exchange rate over the past few years. This discussion has had trade unions and certain manufacturers on one side and representatives of financial institutions on the other side.  

Capitalism is different from free market libertarianism

By: Seeraj Mohamed     19th November 2010 There is a view that people should be free to do whatever they want with their wealth. In fact, most people – rich and poor – would balk at the idea of the State telling them how they can use their money. The South African government’s belief system seems to agree with that view, given the... 

Forget 7% yearly growth; just support the right kind of growth 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     5th November 2010 There is an idea from government that the South African economy should grow at 7% a year. There seems to be a belief that growing that fast will help solve our unemployment problems.  

Currency wars and other myths

By: Seeraj Mohamed     29th October 2010 Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan recently repeated the sensationalist fears promoted in the mainstream business media about the possibility of currency wars and trade protectionism.  

Crisis in Greece provides important lessons 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     8th October 2010 The there are many internal problems in Greece that contributed to the country’s relatively high level of debt, which led the sovereign debt crisis.  

Why another amnesty for illegal capital flight?

By: Seeraj Mohamed     17th September 2010 The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is proposing a second amnesty for South African residents guilty of illegal capital flight. The first amnesty was in 2003. These amnesties may seem a good way to collect revenue by government, but they a the wrong policy at a wrong time.  

Inequality and industry 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     3rd September 2010 South Africa ranks among the top most unequal societies in the world. We know that our colonial and apartheid past of racial oppression and exploitation has much to do with our current inequality. However, we have to consider our recent history to fully understand why inequality has increased in... 

The link between bad driving and poverty 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     20th August 2010 I often find driving in downtown Johannesburg to be a most frustrating experience, not only because of congestion, but also because of the behavior of other drivers.  

Should government cut spending?

By: Seeraj Mohamed     13th August 2010 The next phase, or second dip, of the global financial crisis may well be due to the impact of the sovereign-debt problems in Europe and elsewhere.  

Build industries, not malls 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     30th July 2010 South Africa is faced with economic policy decisions over the short term that will have a huge impact on the lives of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  

Global economic uncertainty grows

By: Seeraj Mohamed     23rd July 2010 There is huge uncertainty in global financial markets at present. Bloomberg reported on July 8 that hedge fund managers, who are the best compensated and supposedly smartest investors on Wall Street, “are dazed and confused”.  

Warren Buffett’s reflections on the market economy 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     2nd July 2010 The immensely popular head of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet, who is one of the richest people in the world, has pledged to give away 99% of his wealth to charity. He is working with Microsoft Corporation’s equally famous cofounder, Bill Gates, to inspire other US billionaires to pledge at... 

Greed, fear in financial markets

By: Seeraj Mohamed     18th June 2010 It is hard to predict the performance of the global economy and of individual countries. There is less optimism about recovery from the global economiccrisis.  

Unemployment causing untold suffering in SA 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     11th June 2010 Recently, I attended a meeting where unemployed South Africans spoke about their lives.  

Reflections on Gauteng's employment, growth and development strategy 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     4th June 2010 Gauteng Economic Development MEC Firoz Cachalia recently delivered his Budget vote speech, during which he unveiled the Gauteng Employment, Growth and Development Strategy (GEGDS). The proposals for Gauteng's economy in this document are impressive. The document provides a useful analysis of the... 

Social forces drive financial insecurity

By: Seeraj Mohamed     28th May 2010 Some serious concerns we will have over the near future relate to when to expect the next financial crisis and how soon thereafter we should expect another one.  

Manufacturers, unions unite in call for policy interventions

By: Seeraj Mohamed     21st May 2010 A joint declaration was recently released by a group of manufacturers, the Manufacturing Circle, and the three main South African trade union federations – the Congress of South African Trade Unions, the National Council of Trade Unions and the Federation of Unions of South Africa.  

Are we in for a second round of the economic crisis? 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     14th May 2010 South African economic data shows that, while economic growth is positive, this country has still not completely moved out of the economic downturn. 

Goldman Sachs and SA’s economic policy

By: Seeraj Mohamed     7th May 2010 South African economic policymakers have much to learn from the fraud charges levelled against Goldman Sachs.  

The state of economics 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     23rd April 2010 We have just lived through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and all the economic commentary we hear about the state of the global economy is superficial drivel.  

Pension funds should support developmental investments

By: Seeraj Mohamed     16th April 2010 Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel recently told Parliament that government would draw on pension funds investments to support economic development projects.  

State-led development and neoliberalism 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     26th March 2010 There is much anti-State sentiment in South Africa, which is given much voice in the media. A great deal of negative sentiment is due to the behavior of politicians. Other disapproving views are the result of poor service delivery. There is also a free market, or neoliberal, ideological... 

Fragile recoveries and 
continued risks

By: Seeraj Mohamed     19th March 2010 We have lived through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, but activities and attitudes in financial and economic markets seem far too normal. It seems to me that big business and finance are trying so hard to put the crisis behind them that they are not giving enough... 

Why the fuss about economic growth?

By: Seeraj Mohamed     5th March 2010 Statistics South Africa reported on February 23 that real gross domestid product (GDP) “at market prices increased by 3,2% quarter-on-quarter, seasonally adjusted and annualised” for the last quarter of 2009. 

Govt should rethink macroeconomic policy

By: Seeraj Mohamed     26th February 2010 On February 12, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a Staff Position Note titled ‘Rethinking macroeconomic policy’.  

South Africa is vulnerable to global financial jitters

By: Seeraj Mohamed     19th February 2010 The big news over the past few weeks has been sovereign debt and the poor economic health of countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. 

South African policymakers must fix the country's financial sector 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     12th February 2010 There has been very little discussion on reform of the South African financial system. Most people assume that it is working well and, therefore, should be left alone. 

SA needs business-friendly economic policies

By: Seeraj Mohamed     29th January 2010 The most effective way to deal with poverty is employment creation. Fortunately, employment creation and the goal of creating decent work opportunities are key elements of Ggovernment’s economic policies. 

Capitalism in South Africa 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     22nd January 2010 There will be a discussion about South Africa’s future economic growth path over the next few months. I hope that the discussion progresses beyond labelling and empty rhetoric. The media and many politicians have promoted a cheapening of the debate about South Africa’s economic future. We have... 

Green shoots killed 
by early frost

By: Seeraj Mohamed     4th December 2009 The South African media seemed overeager to celebrate an economic recovery last week. There was very little to celebrate in the South African economy. When one considers the news coming from the US and elsewhere, it seems that we have to look forward to more economic bad news next year – unless... 

Fiscal conservatism and economic wildfires 

By: Seeraj Mohamed     13th November 2009 Many economic commentators and journalists are raising concerns about South Africa’s growing budget deficit. 

Macroeconomic policy change is required

By: Seeraj Mohamed     6th November 2009 The South African government has finally realised that it requires countercyclical macroeconomic policies.  

Depressed securitisation markets affect financial recovery

By: Seeraj Mohamed     16th October 2009 A year ago, the British government was faced with the prospect of runs on some of the country’s largest banks and riots in the streets if these banks failed. 

Cycle of violence 
must stop

By: Seeraj Mohamed     9th October 2009 I recently had the misfortune of being injured as a result of crime. The injury was not debilitating, but it will probably affect me for the rest of my life. 

Financial-sector reform is not enough

By: Seeraj Mohamed     2nd October 2009 US President Barack Obama made a speech on Wall Street promoting his reform of financial regulation on September 14, the anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. 

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