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317 Zasm Street, Factory Unit 10-11 Waltloo, Pretoria South Africa   |   +27 012 813 8154   |   Fax: +27 86 240 1076
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Max Output Industries Profile

Over the past 10 years, Max Output Industries has established itself as a preferred Tier Two supplier within South Africa’s automotive industry. Max Output Industries has attracted and retain multinational clients, most notably Ford Motor Company, all who are familiar with their high-quality manufacturing, competitive pricing and quick turnaround.  

The company specialises in the manufacturing and modifying of steel trollies, dolleys, engine and axle carriers, and also manufactures all other automotive vehicle parts which enable easy storage and transportation pre-assembly. Max Output continues to take advantage of access to new markets as a result of trade agreements with the European Union and the Southern African Development Community free trade areas.

Led by two young brothers – Luke and Rapula Kobane - Max Output Industries is one of very few black-owned BBBEE Level one suppliers. While it may have seemed counter-intuitive, the company adopted a co-opetition strategy which sees the young business sharing contracts with one of its biggest competitors, an older business, to enable its ability to keep pace with output demands.