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Dickinson Group Profile

Dickinson Group of Companies (DGC) has since the date it was founded in 1910 over the past 110-years been a professionally managed family-owned business. The company has evolved over the past century from its solid reputation as a leading furnace and industrial services company, providing high added value solutions, mainly in the following sectors: mining & metallurgy, glass, mineral processing and manufacturing industries. 

The company’s vision is to be a leading asset integrity management and industrial solutions company. We focus on helping our large industrial customers optimising their maintenance costs and improving plant performance, by providing innovative solutions together with our market leading technologies to enhance the service life of their operating assets. 

DGC has the ambition to build a sustainable diversified industrial group. We have therefore moved away from the cyclical nature of our project related activities and developed our business model to focus on providing services for industry and building a strong international presence. DGC’s key markets include Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, Russia and other CIS Countries. 

The company has consolidated our multi-disciplinary leading position in services for the industry by developing synergies between our various subsidiaries, including our furnace and industrial services, asset integrity management, industrial products and solutions. This results in cost savings and organic growth through joint actions between our subsidiaries, creating maximum value for our customers.

Asset Integrity Management & Industrial Solutions

1. Furnace Services

  • Furnace Rebuild Projects
  • Furnace Demolitions
  • Refractory Installations
  • Precast Refractory Shapes
  • Refractory Dryout & Heatups
  • Endoscopy & Infrared Thermography

2. Industrial Services

  • Vacuumation 
  • Silo Cleaning 
  • Catalyst Handling 
  • HP / UHP Water Blasting

3. Mechanical Projects & Rotary Vessels

  • Furnace Mechanicals
  • Rotary Kilns
  • Rotating Vessels

4. Industrial Linings

  • Acid Proofing
  • Industrial Linings
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Abrasive Blasting

5. Industrial Products

  • Refractory Anchors
  • Refractory Armour Systems
  • Stud Welding Systems
  • Stainless Steel Fibres
  • Wear Studs
  • Shear Stud Connectors

6. Wear Protection Solutions

  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Wear Protection Materials
  • Wear Protected Piping System

7. Risk Management Digitization Solutions

  • Asset Management
  • Industrial Digital Toolkit
  • Industrial Cyber Security
  • Custom Digital Solutions