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Corestruc Profile

Corestruc has earned an enviable reputation for the high quality of its precast-concrete systems.

They have been deployed in, among others, the construction of large reservoirs, water-treatment plants and grandstands for sports complexes through to hotels and commercial office blocks for both private-sector clients and state bodies.

The company is also a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of precast-concrete bridge beams and parapets in joint venture with CoreSlab, a group sister company.

Corestruc first entered the civil-engineering infrastructure market when it designed, manufactured and installed a unique precast-concrete roof structure for the 50 Ml Krugersburg reservoir in Polokwane, Limpopo.

This novel system enabled the professional team to deliver the large reservoir in only 11 months and well in time to supply the peak demand for water in the city during the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010.

The company has since designed, manufactured and installed more than 50 of these precast-concrete roof structures, which enables work to continue on multiple faces of the structure, namely the roof, walls and floors, simultaneously.

Among these projects is the highly-acclaimed 50 Ml Mafenya reservoir in the Platinum belt.

Notably, the project was showcased at the Concrete Society of South Africa’s (CSSA) 2016 prestigious Fulton Awards for excellence in the design and application of concrete.

As one of the country’s foremost precast concrete specialists, Corestruc remains a proud member of the CSSA, which continues to promote excellence and innovation in the use of concrete.

In a more recent development, the company launched a precast-concrete wall system that is used in combination with its roof system to further fast-track the delivery of reservoirs in the country.

The precast-concrete reservoir wall and roof are manufactured at Corestruc’s factory during the earthworks and construction of the foundations and delivered to site where they are installed in record time.

Two 10 Ml reservoirs were recently built using this unique system and more of these projects are in the pipeline as the countries municipalities realise the benefits of this uniquely South African-developed technology.

Meanwhile, Corestruc’s ongoing involvement in municipal sports and recreational systems bears testament to the success of the company’s modular grandstand system that has been refined and perfected over many years.

Importantly, the company wanted to design a system that it was able to manufacture and install as swiftly as possible, while providing the client with a high-quality structure that will continue to add value for many years.

Depending on the size of the structure and ground conditions, Corestruc is able to install the system in only seven days, while the principal contractor forges ahead on other components of the sports and recreational centres to ensure timely delivery of this critical social infrastructure.

The more recent launch of CoreCivils builds on both Corestruc and CoreSlabs’ strong legacy of manufacturing and installing bridge beams and parapets as a sub-contractor to some of the country’s leading contractors.

One of CoreCivils’ more recent projects entailed manufacturing and installing 210 precast-concrete T beams, each 15,5 m in length and 800 mm deep, for the new bridge at the Platjan border post.

The bridge is more than 9 m high, 155 m in length and 12,7 m wide. It comprises two 3,7 m-wide traffic lanes in either direction and 2,5 m-wide pedestrian walkways on both sides of the carriageway.

CoreCivils also recently manufactured and installed eight I8 precast-concrete beams and 126 precast concrete deck planks for a new bridge over the Mankgatle River as part of a large road construction project in the Sekhukhune District Municipality.

Meanwhile, Corestruc is also known for the role that it continues to play as a driver of precast-concrete and hybrid-concrete construction technologies in the building industries.

A more recent example of the company’s workmanship in the field is its participation in the expansion of the City Lodge Hotel at O.R. Tambo International Airport.

Two five-storey structures were built on top of the existing building to expand available room space.

Notably, a single structure was completed in only 15 days while working in an extremely congested and operational site, again demonstrating the many merits of precast concrete.

Another example of the extent of the company’s skills and capabilities in the field includes the 2Ten Hotel in Sibabaza.

This six-storey structure was built entirely from precast-concrete and is immediately noticeably by its striking façade, comprising more than 800 m2 of wall panelling and coping on the left, right and south walls of the building.

Corestruc’s key competitive edge is the access it has to the extensive skills and capabilities of its sister companies operating throughout the entire precast-concrete value chain.

The design and manufacture of Corestruc’s various concrete systems is undertaken by CoreSlab, a member of the Concrete Manufacturers Association.

The company is known for the high quality of its precast-concrete elements.

A separate steel-fixing yard ensures a high quality reinforcing in the concrete casing and specialised forms and moulds are used in the manufacturing process to further ensure precision.

CoreSlab sources its raw materials from long-standing supply partners. Only washed aggregates and sand enter the production cycle, and silica fume is used to create a denser micro-structure of the concrete. Sensors inside the plant constantly monitor the temperature and moisture content of the concrete mix.

Daily quality tests are undertaken at a fully equipped on-site laboratory and test cubes are sent to independent laboratories for further inspection.

To mitigate downtime, CoreSlab also has its own workshop and maintenance team, while CoreEngineering manufactures all “cast-in” components for the company’s comprehensive range of precast concrete products.

The timely and safe delivery of the elements is undertaken by CoreFleet, comprising a large fleet of truck tractors and specialised trailers for the safe and efficient transport of the heavy precast-concrete elements.

Cranes, together with competent riggers and operators, are provided by CoreHire.

Corestruc’s own team comprises seasoned project managers and foremen that are responsible for installing these systems on site.

However, the company’s biggest competitive edge is its willingness to constantly innovate to accelerate construction and build more durable structures that will continue to add value over their lifecycle.