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Planning key to effective implementation

2nd February 2024

Planning and site-specific requirement evaluations can see comprehensive solutions deployed to assist mining operations to overcome significant challenges in water management that can disrupt... 

Large 20-way Cavex® hydrocyclone cluster for gold project in West Africa

25th January 2024

Weir Minerals Africa recently manufactured a 20-way cluster of Cavex® 500 CVX hydrocyclones. This hydrocyclone delivers exceptional operational efficiencies, reduced wear and consistent... 

Customised dewatering solutions for mines and quarries

13th December 2023

Dewatering solutions are essential to remove excess water from mines or quarries to allow operations to continue while safeguarding operators and maintaining productivity. Every operation’s... 

Unlocking effective dewatering: Mastering fundamental solutions

2nd November 2023

With every mine or quarry site needing to evaluate dewatering requirements at some point, it is important to determine the exact nature of potential water problems to inform the design of a... 

Support for mill circuit pumps

12th October 2023

Weir Minerals Africa says that technical support and selecting the correct mill circuit pump are critical to ensuring optimal performance of a mill circuit. The company asserts that its solutions... 

Flowsheet redefines beneficiation sustainability

6th October 2023

The mining industry is at a critical juncture, where sustainability and energy efficiency have become paramount. In pursuit of this, mining technology company Weir Minerals says its... 

Integrated solutions help reduce costs and increase output

15th September 2023

Integrated solutions can be applied in various on-mine phases, from comminution to tailings, to help companies mine and process ore more cost effectively and sustainably. Weir Minerals Africa... 

Keeping mill circuit pumps running: The key to efficient operations

7th September 2023

The requisite levels of support are critical to ensure optimal performance of a mill circuit, as is the correct selection of the mill circuit pump. Attention to both these aspects will facilitate... 

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South Africa preparing to pilot independent transmission projects to bolster grid’s renewables capacity

Updated 31 minutes ago

The National Treasury has confirmed that South Africa is moving to pilot a model that will enable the private sector to participate directly in the development and operation of transmission grid... 

Ramaphosa key to dealing with ‘off-the-charts’ South Africa risk

Updated 1 hour 32 minutes ago

President Cyril Ramaphosa is key to handling political risk that’s “off the charts” in the nation after a vote last month failed to hand any party a majority, Standard Bank’s chairperson said. The... 

GWK's Christiana maize mill gets 1 MW solar PV system

Updated 1 hour 36 minutes ago

Independent power producer Decentral Energy has commissioned a 1 MW solar PV system at food producer GWK's Farm Foods Christiana maize mill. The ground-mounted, grid-tied solar PV system, which was... 

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