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The data centre industry needs to pull the plug on non-renewable energy

28th July 2021 By Jaco du Plooy, Product Manager at Eaton South Africa While investment in digital infrastructure is certainly a win for economic growth in South Africa and Africa as a whole, as is investment in new data centres, this vital infrastructure needs substantial amounts of energy to function. In... 

Sector coupling is essential if an emissions revolution is to succeed

3rd June 2021 By Seydou Kane, managing director of Eaton Africa There is a rapidly growing awareness of the need to decarbonise energy supply, and we have recently seen dramatic shifts start to occur. As governments increasingly design policy targeting net zero carbon emissions, industry has been responding in... 

Eaton launches ARCON® 3G in South Africa

3rd June 2021 State of the art modular safety system guarantees highest degree of personnel and assembly protection, with a total arc mitigation time of less than 2 milliseconds. 

Eaton’s Power Defense series launches in South Africa

8th March 2021 Eaton has introduced the Power Defense series to the South African market, a circuit breaker with communicating electronic trip units to help optimise commercial buildings and industrial facilities' performance, and help keep employees, customers and end-users safe by reducing the risk of arc... 

Trust a turnkey energy engineering service provider for project peace of mind

18th February 2021 At a time when project budgets are increasingly under pressure, as are delivery timelines, it makes more sense for infrastructure projects to trust one vendor that offers a turnkey solution to lead and manage every step of the process, from early ideation and planning to feasibility and... 

Maintenance saves companies’ bottom line

13th November 2020 With economic uncertainty levels reaching an all-time high, it is necessary to find creative and resilient ways to reduce budgets while boosting the bottom line. Preventive maintenance is often one of the most tempting to trim, however, doing so could end up costing a business significantly more... 
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