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Health, Safety, Hygiene and Sanitation

Locally manufactured copper filtration face mask

3rd July 2020 A South African startup company has launched a patent-pending offering for cloth masks with filter inserts, which incorporate porous copper materials that are said to provide antiviral properties. In addition, a copper-infused mask with an integrated filter, is also on offer. It is thought that... 

Locally developed app provides solution for a safe return to work

19th June 2020 Mitigating the risk of Covid-19 spread while complying with government regulations is seen as one of the principal challenges currently facing South African companies. Ensuring that employees return to a safe work environment and minimising the risk of local outbreaks of Covid-19 and subsequent... 

Locally developed app provides solution for a safe return to work
The CoronaFighter Enterprise Solution app, developed in South Africa

Manufacture of Covid-19 special purpose cleaners upscaled

19th June 2020 A new range of special purpose cleaners locally manufactured according to World Health Organisation (WHO), US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) guidelines has been developed and the capacity for large volumes has been made available as a... 

Manufacture of Covid-19 special purpose cleaners upscaled
AECI range of sanitisers

Counter-top safety screens offer protection against aerosol droplets

19th June 2020 A new range of acrylic counter screens are designed to protect employees, such as cashiers, receptionists, doctors and pharmacists, as well as customers, from the spread of Covid-19 by means of droplet spray. The safety screens are portable and can be moved to different positions within a retail... 

Counter-top safety screens offer protection against aerosol droplets
Counter-top safety screen from Tork Craft

UV-resistant screens improve safety in the workplace

13th May 2020 Welding and safety screens are aimed at ensuring optimum safety in workshop environments, protecting workers from harsh ultraviolet (UV) light and dangerous UV radiation which occurs during welding and grinding processes. A range of locally manufactured safety screens incorporates a heavy-duty UV... 

UV-resistant screens improve safety in the workplace
Apex welding and safety screens in a workplace

Camera helps fight Covid-19

22nd April 2020 A thermal camera system that can identify abnormal temperatures on individuals and groups of people, is now available. The camera system incorporates facial recognition software to automatically detect  the temperature of anyone passing in front of the camera. 

Camera helps fight Covid-19
Provix Camera features non-contact body temperature detection

Hand wash reminder for industries

17th April 2020 A newly-designed industrial hand wash sounder aims to become an essential tool in the fight against Covid-19. The units are specifically designed for use in large, noisy industrial environments such as chicken processing, food factories and food packaging sectors, as a means of reminding staff to... 

Hand wash reminder for industries
Sounder reminds staff to wash hands at regular intervals

Easy access to lifebuoys improves water safety

8th April 2020 Specially-manufactured storage casings to house life-saving buoys at the waterside, aim to ensure the quick location and access to lifebuoys and the improvement of water safety.  The Lifebuoy Cabinet is constructed from durable polyethylene material and can be mounted onto poles, walls and rails.... 

Easy access to lifebuoys improves water safety
A Lifebuoy Cabinet mounted on a galvanised pole

Salvation Army steps up to help in lockdown

1st April 2020 The Salvation Army will be partnering with the Department of Social Development (DSD) to feed homeless people in Pretoria for the duration of South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown. The Salvation Army will be providing two meals a day for about 1 000 people at three venues in Pretoria, namely... 

Salvation Army steps up to help in lockdown
Members of the Salvation Army prepare to help the DSD during the lockdown

Thermal imaging for in-depth building inspection

1st April 2020 A built-in thermal imager combined with moisture hygrometer and multi-spectral dynamic imaging is designed to help users quickly troubleshoot moisture problems in buildings. The all-in-one, thermal-enabled moisture meter with hygrometer provides users with a more comprehensive understanding of... 

Thermal imaging for in-depth building inspection
The FLIR thermal imaging sensor guides users to the source of building-related issues

Wits researchers launch comprehensive Covid-19 dashboard for South Africa

27th March 2020 The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) has launched a website that presents the latest statistics on the effect of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) on the population of South Africa. The site serves as a tool to monitor the daily development of the coronavirus in South Africa. The... 

Wits researchers launch comprehensive Covid-19 dashboard for South Africa
Representation of the Covid-19 virus

Roll-up doors reset themselves

13th March 2020 A roll-up door that offers self-repairing capabilities, enabling it to recover its alignment should the curtain be accidentally dislodged, is now available. This functionality is made possible by the incorporation of side hinges that slide along special guides, together with flexible curtain ends... 

Roll-up doors reset themselves
The Smart Reset roll-up door quickly recovers its alignment on its next opening or closing operation should the curtain be accidentally dislodged.

South African nanofiber company one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2019

31st January 2020 A Cape Town-based developer and manufacturer of advanced nanofiber materials, in collaboration with US skincare and makeup companies, has developed a product selected by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2019. The prestigious list, compiled annually by TIME, highlights “the Best... 

Screening app brings hearing hope

31st January 2020 According to the Centre for Deaf Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, deafness is one of the greatest disabilities in South Africa affecting more than 4-million people. It is estimated that of every 1 000 children born in the public health care sector, four to six children have hearing... 

Screening app brings hearing hope
App makes hearing screening more accessible

Robust ribbed PVC materials available

31st January 2020 A range of ribbed material manufactured from durable, impact- and scratch-resistant material, is now available. The new range of ribbed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) strip curtains is suitable for heavy-duty and high traffic applications. 

Health and safety key at mixed-use project

23rd January 2020 Health and safety are crucial elements of a new mixed-use building project which is due for completion in the third quarter of 2020. The Oxford Parks Phase I project comprises the construction of four mixed-use premium office and retail buildings and a fifth building which will house a hotel. 

Latex glove offers comfort and grip

23rd January 2020 Latex gloves are often an important tool in the work environment and are required to keep hands dry, warm and safe. The Aquila LX300 is a lined and crinkle-latex coated glove which is said to offer superior grip properties with enhanced comfort. Its 30-cm-long cuff design is fully dipped, for... 

Strip curtains help to improve health and safety

16th January 2020 General purpose strip curtains offer a means of improving workplace health and safety by offering solutions for controlling dust, insects and temperature fluctuations. Large volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in food manufacturing facilities and retail stores lead to an associated... 

Utility case for the rugged adventurer

16th January 2020 A new personal utility case that aims to protect belongings in outdoor work or adventure, has recently been launched. The case is said to be watertight, crush-proof and dust-proof, in order to protect accessories and personal items on outdoor trips, in extreme work environments or when bad... 

Air-tight door seals in freshness

12th December 2019 A leading producer and exporter of citrus fruit in the Eastern Cape recently required a certified air-tight door for its steri room chambers. The steri cooling process takes place in three chambers where air tightness is essential. A panel sectional door was fitted in order to ensure that optimal... 

Preventing sick building syndrome

6th December 2019 Monitoring devices that are able to detect high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have been introduced to the local market, with the aim of detecting poor air quality that can lead to sick building syndrome. Sick building syndrome is a medical condition affecting people that occupy a specific... 

ALCO-Safe (PTY) Ltd

15th November 2019 ALCO-Safe is a leading supplier of breathalysers and drug detection equipment in Southern Africa. In operation for more than 40 years ALCO-Safe has more than 5000 clients in South Africa and over 30 000 breathalysers and drug testing kits in use country wide.  

DoseTech (Pty) Ltd

14th November 2019 DoseTech (Pty) Ltd specializes in Fire Protection Foam Dosing Technology and Special Risk Fire Fighting Hardware. We import and supply high end industrial, mining and specialized fire protection equipment in to the South African market.  We have consolidated our range of top end products to focus... 

DoseTech (Pty) Ltd

Cream soothes and protects

14th November 2019 A new cream is now available to treat skin ailments such as eczema, rashes, burns, shingles, sunburn and insect bites. The cream contains a combination of natural extracts, colloidal oats, shea butter, rosewater and chamomile essence. 

Cold storage solutions tailored to industrial environments

10th October 2019 Industrial doors and dock loading equipment suited to cold storage and freezer environments assist in maintaining the constant temperatures required by the cold chain industry.   Entrance solutions seal in the chill to prevent product spoilage and contamination, without disrupting operations. 

High speed doors for increased productivity

1st October 2019 Efficiency of the supply chain, combined with employee wellbeing and satisfaction, are seen as primary contributors to a productive workplace environment within manufacturing and storage facilities. High speed roll up doors allow for rapid opening and closing and, together with the promise of a... 

Fall arrest system specifically designed for women

10th September 2019 Fall arrest systems are personal protective equipment (PPE) harnesses with permanently attached lanyards. These harnesses are often used in traditionally male-dominated industry sectors and have been designed to fit men and are not suited to the female anatomy. 

Safety solutions for the welding and cutting industries

3rd September 2019 Many people are injured each year by the incorrect or careless use of oxy/fuel gas equipment. Welding and cutting in difficult to reach places on site and at height is particularly dangerous and includes potential hazards such as: 

Water filtration range uses new technology

26th August 2019 A range of water filters using a new type of filter technology, has been introduced. The Disruptor 5293 PAC-S technology from JoJo Tanks uses a system of electro-adsorption, which creates an electrical field activated by water. The process attracts and removes a number of contaminants including... 

Treatment for corns and calluses

21st August 2019 Corns and calluses are thick, hardened layers of skin that develop in order to protect the skin from the effects of friction and pressure. Corns usually develop near a bony area of a toe or between toes, while a callus usually develops on the underside of the foot. Corns can be uncomfortable and... 

Early warning system for rockfalls and landslides

6th August 2019 A radar system for monitoring natural and engineered slopes, has been launched. The radar detects, tracks and analyses movements from rockfalls, avalanches and other fast-moving landslide debris flow. The system creates real-time alerts that can be connected to on-site alarms such as sirens,... 

Patient transport monitor introduced

6th August 2019 Intra-hospital patient transport can be a complex and sensitive process that requires adherence to high quality and safety standards. Patients must be closely monitored and doctors require real-time information on patients’ vital signs. In addition, the process can be time-consuming and stressful... 

Variety of applications for PVC strip curtains

1st August 2019 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) strip curtains offer a solution in applications where dirt, dust or insects need to be kept out and where hygiene, humidity, temperature and noise need to be controlled. Tests have shown that PVC strip curtains can reduce noise levels by between 7 and 15 decibels and can... 

Variety of applications for PVC strip curtains
Reinforced edges on strip curtains allow for easy movement of goods and machinery

New technology removes greenhouse gases

25th June 2019 New South African legislation will be in place by April 1, 2020, requiring existing plants to comply with minimum emission standards, or MES, for new plants to meet nitrogen oxides, or NOX, levels of less than 350 mg/Nm3. New technology is now available to assist nitric acid plants to become... 

Locally manufactured floor gratings

19th June 2019 Metal floor gratings are widely used for industrial flooring in a variety of sectors and for a variety of applications, including access walkways on process plants and in factories and manufacturing facilities. The Mentis Rectagrid RS40 (40/40) floor grating has been manufactured and used by both... 

Insulated impact traffic door meets safety requirements

13th June 2019 A locally manufactured insulated impact traffic door, that complies with all relevant safety, health, environment and quality standards, is now available. The doors are manufactured to meet specific opening requirements and are designed for use in areas where the movement of pedestrians and goods... 

African Innovations in Affordable Drinking Water

4th June 2019 A water purification system has been designed to offer a self-service drinking water refill solution for consumers. The system offers an alternative to single-use plastic water bottles and sachets and uses mobile technology to remotely track water usage at retailers across Africa.   

African Innovations in Affordable Drinking Water
The team from I-Drop Water and Bluewater Group demonstrate the Waterpod

Hygienic food-line ball bearings rolled out

21st May 2019 A new range of food-line ball bearing units has been launched. The hygienically designed components are intended for use in food-processing equipment, as an important element of a proactive approach to food safety. Since 2012 the food and beverage industry has seen a significant increase in units... 


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