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Environmental News

Wind energy set to play important role in diversifying the energy mix

By: Kim Cloete     8th November 2018 Energy Minister Jeff Radebe says wind power can play a pivotal role in driving South Africa’s transition to a low-carbon economy.  Its competitive prices are also a drawcard and should be capitalised on. 

New oil, gas opportunities emerge in Sudan, Niger

By: Kim Cloete     7th November 2018 Some countries in Africa are emerging as potentially exciting players in the oil and gas space – from Sudan, which has emerged out of the clutches of civil war, to Niger, which is rising up as a new producer of petroleum products. Sudanese Petroleum and Gas Minister Azhari Abdalla Abdelgader on... 

South African, French companies collaborate on sustainable cities 

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     6th November 2018 While there has been an ongoing push for environment-friendly practices and reducing harmful greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, in Africa, South Africa and France, growing urbanisation requires further efforts and an approach to engender sustainable cities for all citizens. This was outlined during... 

South African, French companies collaborate on sustainable cities
Business France trade development adviser Stefane Leny outlines the pioneer French-South Africa Sustainable City conference, its contribution to the countries’ bilateral relations, and the upcoming Pollutec event. Video and editing: Nicholas Boyd.

Local cleaning product supplier receives GreenTag certification

By: Halima Frost     2nd November 2018 Cleaning chemicals manufacturer Blendwell Chemicals is the first South African company to be awarded the international GreenTag certification for its Enviroblend range.  GreenTag, which is recognised by the Green Building Council of South Africa, is an international certifying body that claims... 

Local cleaning product supplier receives GreenTag certification
GREEN GREASE Green degreaser chemicals supplied for industrial applications are available from Blendwell Chemicals

Small thermal plants hold promise for regions without grid electricity 

By: Nadine James     2nd November 2018 Small-scale power generation plants driven by hydrocarbon sources and biomass are still likely to play a valuable part in rolling out electricity in regions of Africa unserved by grid power and where renewable resources are insufficient to sustain a reliable energy supply, according to SRK... 

AfDB to institute climate risk management programme for African countries

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     30th October 2018 The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved the Africa Disaster Risks Financing (ADRiFi) programme – the institution’s first climate risk management programme aimed at boosting resilience and responding to climate shocks in regional member countries. The initial phase is expected to run from... 

Greenpeace Africa affirms Mpumalanga is a nitrogen dioxide air pollution hotspot

By: Marleny Arnoldi     29th October 2018 Greenpeace Africa states that analysis from satellite data between June 1 and August 31 shows that Mpumalanga is the world’s largest nitrogen dioxide air pollution hotspot across six continents. The data points to coal and transport as the two principal sources of the nitrogen dioxide air... 

SAWEA CEO bullish about SA wind energy outlook

By: Tracy Hancock     26th October 2018 As forecast, 2018 is shaping up to be a landmark year for the South African energy sector, South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) CEO Brenda Martin tells Engineering News. Bolstering South Africa’s energy sector is much-improved policy certainty, transparent decision-making and public... 

SAWEA CEO bullish about SA wind energy outlook
MONEY IN THE WIND Wind power is a significant foreign direct investment contributor and a driver of local socioeconomic growth in South Africa

Sasol, Indian companies join EP100 global energy-saving initiative

26th October 2018 Petrochemicals giant Sasol and Indian companies UltraTech Cement, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers, Mahindra Heavy Engines and Godrej Industries and Associate Companies (Gilac) last month pledged to put energy efficiency at the heart of their business growth strategies by joining EP100. EP100 is a... 

Sasol, Indian companies join EP100 global energy-saving initiative
HELEN CLARKSON Lowering energy use in sectors such as auto manufacturing, cement and chemicals production is an ambitious task

Industries must address legacy contamination – firm

By: Paige Müller     26th October 2018 Despite a significant improvement in the parameters outlined by current environmental policy – often diligently upheld by the local chemicals and petrochemicals industries – multidisciplinary engineering consultant SRK Consulting states that historic practices caused by lack of knowledge have... 

Industries must address  legacy contamination – firm
CONTAMINATED SITE Significant harm has arisen from a legacy of poor waste management, particularly within the chemicals industry

South32 foresees short-term volatility, but long-term growth, sustainability 

By: Schalk Burger     25th October 2018 Diversified mining and metals company South32 on Thursday forecast short-term price volatility for the commodities it produces, but also highlighted its strong cash position and its work to further optimise its global portfolio of assets. In a speech delivered at the company’s 2018 annual general... 

Danone Southern Africa joins Polystyrene Association of South Africa

By: Simone Liedtke     25th October 2018 Danone Southern Africa (Danone SA) has become the latest producer of high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) to join the Polystyrene Association of South Africa, which represents the entire value chain of polystyrene packaging manufacturers, collectors and recyclers. According to the association’s CE Adri... 

Danone Southern Africa joins Polystyrene Association of South Africa
Danone SA MD Hendrik Born

Parliament hears call to cut air pollution, improve health 

By: Kim Cloete     23rd October 2018 Government has a golden opportunity to improve public health in South Africa and mitigate global climate change if it drops plans for the construction of more coal-fired power stations and focuses more sharply on renewable energy in its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), says the Public Health... 

Shoprite to pay South African customers for reusing plastic bags

By: Reuters     23rd October 2018 Shoprite Holdings, South Africa's biggest supermarket chain, said on Tuesday it would pay customers for reusing its newly introduced recyclable bag as it joined domestic rivals in efforts to curb plastic pollution. Supermarkets have come under increased pressure to cut their use of plastic as... 

Energy storage seen as an enabler for grid modernisation in realising IRP 2030 vision 

By: Marleny Arnoldi     23rd October 2018 The advent of technologies such as energy storage, small-scale embedded generation and smart grid solutions are set to fundamentally change South Africa’s electricity landscape, outgoing Eskom generation group executive Thava Govender said during an opening address at the SA Energy Storage... 

Energy storage seen as an enabler for grid modernisation in realising IRP 2030 vision
Photo by Dylan Slater
Eskom generation group executive Thava Govender

Reduce and reuse raw materials to slash waste and emissions, UN and think-tanks urge

By: Reuters     23rd October 2018 The rapid consumption of raw materials must be curbed to cut waste and carbon emissions, the United Nations and global think-tanks have urged, with resource consumption set to almost double by 2060, especially in developing economies. In the twentieth century, the world mined 34 times more... 

Pollutec 2018 shines the spotlight on Burkina Faso

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     23rd October 2018 Pollutec 2018, which will mark the fortieth anniversary of this international environmental trade show, is set to cover 14 key industry sectors, and focus keenly on Africa – notably Burkina Faso – as well as other key regions, such as South America and South-East Asia. Pollutec has featured an... 

Pollutec 2018 shines the spotlight on Burkina Faso

DBSA awarded funding to create R2bn climate finance facility 

By: African News Agency      22nd October 2018 The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) announced on Monday that it has been awarded funding of R795-million to establish a R2-billion Climate Finance Facility (CFF) focusing on infrastructure projects and businesses that mitigate or adapt to climate change.  The DBSA received funding from... 

DBSA awarded funding to create R2bn climate finance facility
Photo by Creamer Media
DBSA CEO Patrick Dlamini

Packaging system saves about 76% of plastic

19th October 2018 Brewery company Carlsberg Group has switched to packaging solution Nature Multipack which is aligned to its new industry-leading sustainability programme called ‘Together towards Zero’ to be implemented by 2030. Being an innovation of global company KHS subsidiary NMP Systems, Nature Multipack... 

Packaging system saves about 76% of plastic
GROUND BREAKING The Snap Pack replaces plastic wrapping

Coca-Cola says all containers to be made from recyclable materials by 2025

By: Schalk Burger     19th October 2018 Beverages multinational subsidiary Coca-Cola Southern and East Africa (CCSEA) continues to reduce the weight of its bottles and has committed to recovering the equivalent of 100% of  all its packaging by 2025, says CCSEA head of sustainability Dr Casper Durandt. These commitments are part of... 

Better recycling requires pact with consumers

By: Schalk Burger     19th October 2018 While commercial companies continue to work to reduce the impact of their products on the environment, improving the recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) requires the involvement and understanding of consumers, said recycling company Mpact GM Nicholas Schild. PET recycling rates in South... 

Improved, integrated healthcare waste management policy needed – health dept

By: Marleny Arnoldi     17th October 2018 A survey conducted by Department of Health found that the majority (79%) of Gauteng public healthcare facilities have a healthcare waste management policy (HCWMP) in place; however, the policy was not always integrated with the various environmental, occupational health and safety as well as... 

E-waste recycling sector still underdeveloped in South Africa

By: Marleny Arnoldi     17th October 2018 The South African electronic-waste (e-waste) recycling industry has not yet reached a point where most components are recovered for reuse, University of KwaZulu-Natal rare earth recycling technologies researcher Mark Williams-Wynn told delegates at the WasteCon 2018 exhibition on Wednesday. He... 

Informal waste pickers should be integrated into formal waste management sector, suggests analyst

By: Marleny Arnoldi     17th October 2018 The informal waste economy in South Africa has been largely responsible for the high rates of post-consumer material recycling that have been achieved, GreenCape Sector Development Agency waste economy analyst Dr Kirsten Barnes noted during a presentation at WasteCon 2018, on Wednesday. Her... 

Organisations oppose coal in IRP public hearings 

By: Kim Cloete     16th October 2018 Public hearings into the Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) kicked off in Parliament on Tuesday, with several organisations voicing their concerns about the plan’s provision for new coal-fired power stations. Attorney Robyn Hugo of the Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) told Parliament’s... 

EnviroServ returning to its roots following Shongweni malodour issue

By: Simone Liedtke     16th October 2018 After acknowledging that its KwaZulu-Natal-based Shongweni landfill was a contributor to malodour, waste management company EnviroServ has returned to its “old way of disposing of waste”, which comprises using lime to raise the alkalinity (pH) levels at its landfill sites. This decision,... 

EnviroServ returning to its roots following Shongweni malodour issue
Shongweni landfill, in KwaZulu-Natal.

Used oil industry offering significant job creation potential, says foundation

By: Simone Liedtke     16th October 2018 Although still relatively young in South Africa, the economic contribution to the country through job creation in the used oil sector is looking very promising, according to a study commissioned by the Recycling Oil Saves the Environment (Rose) Foundation. A survey commissioned by the foundation... 

CER attorneys to address MPs on new coal in the IRP

By: Creamer Media Reporter      15th October 2018 Attorneys from the Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) plan to, on Tuesday, tell Members of Parliament (MPs) that an Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity (IRP) that provides for expensive new coal-fired power, at a time when South Africa needs to be urgently transitioning away from... 

Opportunities abound for Italian entrepreneurs expanding into Africa

By: Shannon de Ryhove     12th October 2018 The Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries says Italian companies are becoming increasingly positive about the opportunities offered by South Africa, which is being acknowledged as a hub from which to expand and invest into surrounding African countries, says Italian-South African... 

Vinci lays first kilometre of fully-recycled motorway

By: Reuters     10th October 2018 Road building company Eurovia and its parent Vinci have laid a kilometre of motorway using only recycled asphalt from a mobile plant, a world first that they said could help reduce the cost of motorway maintenance and cut pollution. The mobile recycling plant can be disassembled and moved along... 

Woolworths to trial plastic bag free store

By: Reuters     9th October 2018 South African department store chain Woolworths Holdings will remove single-use plastic bags from one of its stores during a six-month trial period in a bid to end plastic pollution, it said on Monday. From November, Woolworths, which also has operations in Australia and New Zealand, will not... 

Bladon’s new microturbine genset to power up telecoms towers

By: Natasha Odendaal     9th October 2018 UK-based engineering pioneer Bladon Micro Turbine has launched its first commercial product, the Bladon MTG12 – a 12 kW (15 kVA) microturbine generator set (genset) dedicated to powering global telecoms towers. The microturbine genset manufacturer aims to dominate the telecoms tower market where... 

Climate crisis spurs UN call for $2.4tn fossil fuel shift  

By: Bloomberg     8th October 2018 The world must invest $2.4-trillion in clean energy every year through 2035 and cut the use of coal-fired power to almost nothing by 2050 to avoid catastrophic damage from climate change, according to scientists convened by the United Nations. Their report published Monday adds pressure on... 

Unesco ready to help protect Kogelberg biosphere amid drilling programme

By: News24Wire      8th October 2018 Unesco has offered South Africa "technical support" to protect the Kogelberg biosphere and preserve the Unesco status of the reserve, which has one of the highest levels of biodiversity and endemism on the planet. Unesco chief of media services George Papagiannis said this week that "Unesco was... 

Marine waste a pressing issue, but few solutions in sight

By: Dylan Slater     5th October 2018 Plastics have become the “ubiquitous workhorse material” of the modern economy, combining unrivalled functional properties with low cost, and its use has increased twenty-fold in the past half-century, according to circular economy advocacy charity The Ellen MacArthur Foundation.  

Marine waste a pressing issue, but few solutions in sight

Water an asset for sustainable growth

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     3rd October 2018 Over and above appreciating the intrinsic value of water as a vital human resource, the South African approach should be to recognise the business value of the commodity and, therefore, the country should pursue investments in the sector to generate sustained economic growth, employment and... 

For African bush elephants, wrinkles are cool

By: Reuters     2nd October 2018 A study of the African bush elephants' vast network of deep wrinkles has found they are intricately designed to help the animals keep their cool, fight off parasites and defend against sun damage, scientists said on Tuesday. The fine pattern of millions of channels mean the elephants' skin can... 

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