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Company Announcements

The articles on this page are not written by Creamer Media, but are supplied media statements.

Mahindra South Africa partners with ETG to grow its tractor range and reach in Southern Africa

By: Creamer Media Reporter      5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Mahindra South Africa and ETG have joined hands to distribute and support a full range of agricultural equipment across Southern Africa. The range is part of the portfolio of Mahindra South Africa, that also includes vehicles, industrial equipment and power generation equipment. Indeed, Mahindra... 

Grinding Techniques - Your partner in ship building and repairs

By: Creamer Media Reporter      5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / A wide variety of abrasives coated and bonded are used when building and repairing marine vessels. Grinding Techniques, a local manufacturer of bonded, and converter of coated abrasives is your perfect partner with quality abrasive products suited to various applications for the ship building and... 

Hyundai helps to bring food relief to communities affected by Covid-19 pandemic in SA

5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Hyundai Automotive South Africa is helping to bring relief to people in dire need during the Covid-19 pandemic through the donation of vehicles to Gift of the Givers and FoodForward SA - both non-governmental organisations who have made it their mission to distribute food to such communities.... 

Fluor achieves major safety milestone at Khoemacau Copper Mine in Botswana

By: Creamer Media Reporter      5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Fluor South Africa announced today that the Khoemacau Copper Silver starter project reached a safety milestone of 2 million hours worked without a lost time injury. “This significant safety achievement can be attributed to the team’s commitment to safe work practices and a zero harm mind-set for... 

The Corona video response kit for your business

By: Creamer Media Reporter      5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / This Coronavirus Response KIT for the Workplace is a user-friendly, step-by step audio-video guide for employers and employees on: Corona relief benefit applications for employees 

Green is key

By: Creamer Media Reporter      5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / How can automation solutions with artificial intelligence help optimize maintenance and production for sustainable manufacturing? This article describes how Omron supports the E-mobility market of the future in sustainable pouch battery cell production. And it takes a look at how Omron itself is... 

Business activity index’s dismal performance highlights the devastating impact of COVID-19 on local businesses

By: Creamer Media Reporter      5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) is concerned about a huge dip in business activity in the broader manufacturing sector, as reflected by the sub-index of the ABSA Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) released today. As a lead indicator, the headline PMI... 

Welcome to Level 4 from Bidvest International Logistics

By: Creamer Media Reporter      5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Bidvest International Logistics Road Freight Division welcomed Lockdown Level 4 with a message of optimism and caring for staff and clients. Says Marcus Ellappan, BIL’s Road Freight Director, “We are excited to play our role in kickstarting the economy with 60% of employees at work today. These... 

Better data collection from hazardous areas

By: Creamer Media Reporter      5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / A sensor that monitors rotating equipment performance is now certified for use in hazardous areas, extending condition monitoring into new applications and industries.  SKF has gained hazardous area approval for its QuickCollect sensor, which collects vibration and temperature data. The new... 

Mobile access technology, innovative ways of keeping safe in our work and educational environment

By: Creamer Media Reporter      5th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / South Africa and the world are faced with a pandemic which has turned our lives upside down. Living our ‘normal’ daily lives is no longer possible, and even with an easing of the lockdown in South Africa we cannot conduct business as usual. The virus has impacted our homes, our workplaces,... 

Pinkmatter Solutions - FarEarth satellite product offerings

By: Creamer Media Reporter      4th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Satellite imagery-based change monitoring, volume estimations and real time fire detection is bound to become a popular remote site solution in the post-lockdown era. In the post-lockdown era, the focus is expected to shift towards remote monitoring of mining and project sites. Travel bans and... 

Veolia Southern Africa fully mobilized to maintain essential daily services in all circumstances for residents, food producing clients and other essential services companies

By: Creamer Media Reporter      4th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Given the unprecedented health crisis the world is currently facing, Veolia is fully mobilized to safeguard the continuity of essential services while also protecting the health of its employees, the Group’s two absolute priorities. Veolia South Africa provides a holistic range of solutions for... 

Rossmin Limestone – Food grade additive

By: Creamer Media Reporter      4th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Heeding President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for essential services to continue operations during the lockdown announced in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, opencast mining operation Rossmin has registered as an essential services provider and continues to supply calcium additives to the food,... 

Chryso DEM range plays crucial role in formwork

4th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / CHRYSO Southern Africa’s commitment to provide quality solutions for the built environment, is evident in the CHRYSO® DEM range of application driven release agents. Understanding the crucial role formwork plays in the production of quality concrete and similarly moulds in the manufacture of... 

Electric chain hoist offers over one-million operations

4th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / “Our newly launched C-series electric chain hoist has been designed using the latest technologies so that an enhanced and safe performance can be delivered, while offering an optimal lifetime value. The unique C-series, is a new generation in electric chain hoists which, through its innovative... 

New invention from Norway allows car repair shops to service clients without physical contact

4th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / "Being in the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 we saw a unique business opportunity for our newly developed S18-Safe ServiceStation and sat in all sails in order for the insurance approval to go through. We already had a lot of interest prior to the COVID-19 situation, as the S18 cabinets offer... 

Lubrication Engineers offers value packs tailored for user needs

4th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa is making its industry-leading products available in value packs designed to meet all the lubrication needs of everyday users in agriculture, boating and marine environments, among others. "We’re bundling smaller sizes of our product offerings to make... 

VWSA donates beds to NMB stadium's Covid-19 facility

4th May 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT /  In support of the local and provincial government's efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Nelson Mandela Bay, Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) has donated 150 beds to the isolation facility at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. The Nelson Mandela Bay municipality recently announced that the... 

CHASE Technologies punts benefits of LiFeP04 for electric forklifts

30th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / The aim of CHASE Technologies is to convert 50% of the current electric forklift market from lead-acid to lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries within five years. “Given the accelerating current uptake of the technology by our customers, this is an entirely achievable and realistic goal,”... 

Caterpillar achieves 2-billion tonnes hauled with autonomous trucks system

30th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Caterpillar is again hitting a significant milestone in autonomous haulage—achieving 2 billion tonnes (2.2 billion short tons) hauled using Cat® MineStar™ Command for hauling. Caterpillar has doubled the amount hauled in the 16 months since reaching 1 billon tonnes hauled in November 2018. “In... 

Coronavirus causes logistics, supply chain nightmares

30th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Reduction in total freight volumes for the year to March 2020 of -7,1% indicates the depth of the decline in the local goods economy. Despite not having many lockdown restrictions, the first quarter drop in volumes was still the steepest experienced in South Africa since 2016.   

Virtual Pipelines transporting Natural Gas

By: Creamer Media Reporter      30th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Natural gas is no longer limited by pipelines and location, Natural Gas can be delivered right to your door. In South Africa, CNG Holdings has introduced a simple and reliable way to access Compressed Natural Gas through the Virtual Gas Network; allowing access to gas by road delivery. Physical... 

3 Ways in which Pipe Joining Solutions Benefit the HVAC Industry

By: Creamer Media Reporter      30th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Victaulic Regional Manager, Marcel Ley, explores some of the ways in which Victaulic solutions are providing tangible efficiencies for the South African HVAC sector. 1. Supporting a Greener Future 

Inaugural BRICS manufacturing conference to investigate priority projects  

By: Creamer Media Reporter      30th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / The establishment of the BRICS Manufacturing Working Group (MWG) subsequently gave birth to numerous priority projects identified across a number of the sub-clusters of the manufacturing sector. Included in the MWG’s priority projects are, among others, Electromobility Solutions; Smart Cities,... 

juwi awarded Touwsrivier CPV Solar Project O&M contract

30th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / juwi Renewable Energies’ subsidiary, juwi Solar ZA O&M1 (“juwi”) has been awarded the contract for the operations and maintenance (O&M) of the Touwsrivier CPV Solar Project in the Western Cape of South Africa, effective from 1 April 2020. 

juwi awarded Touwsrivier CPV Solar Project O&M contract
Touwsrivier CPV Solar Project 

Grinding Techniques - Making chips count

By: Creamer Media Reporter      30th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Who would have thought that an abrasive grinding wheel can be use in the production of chips? This is particularly pertaining to chips made from corn. The history behind milling corn to maize goes back many centuries, where ordinary stones where used. One being stationary and the other stone on... 

Five ways to mitigate construction supply chain disruptions

By: Creamer Media Reporter      30th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / In this rapidly changing and uncertain environment, the role of the supply chain is in sharp focus. Businesses dependent on domestic and international suppliers are under pressure to mitigate potential disruptions. The resultant shortages include plant, raw materials, critical components,... 

Ivolga EMUs equipped to fight Coronavirus

29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / The technical solutions implemented in Ivolga passenger trains, made in Russia by TMH, help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infections. All Ivolga passenger electric trains feature an HVAC system with an air sanitizing feature. These systems use UV lamps with bactericidal qualities to... 

Actum Group proudly represents BAND-IT in Africa

By: Creamer Media Reporter      29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Africa – a continent of growth, expansion, progress and success. It’s the world of Actum Group and it’s all held together by the brand name for world-standard engineered fastening solutions. Introducing BAND-IT, widely acknowledged as the world’s leader in quality engineered band clamping and... 

2020 Sasol Solar Challenge postponed to early 2021

29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / The 2020 Sasol Solar Challenge (SSC) has been postponed until early 2021. The event is provisionally scheduled to take place from 19- 26 February 2021 instead of September 2020 as initially planned. Participating teams will be able to register until the end of November 2020.  

Prepaid a viable option during pandemic

By: Halima Frost     29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Prepaid meter supplier JKNV Energy says prepaid meters for water and electricity – installed on a sub meter basis – for business parks, retail centres, factories and complexes ‘makes sense’ during this pandemic. The company mentions that prepaid meters mitigate the need to deal with late or... 

Time to consider TES?

By: Tracy Hancock     29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / The temporary employment services (TES) model keeps the construction engineering industry alive, providing manpower when required and relocating staff to other projects when demand for their skills decline. There is a huge market for TES in South Africa’s construction engineering industry, owing... 

Holistic business journey goes beyond lockdown – Weir

29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / South Africa’s recent lockdown is just the beginning of an uncertain journey into the future, but the principles of every responsible business should remain unchanged. This is Weir Minerals Africa’s key takeout from the rapid changes and innovations it has put in place in recent weeks, according... 

Adult education and training will help to get economy back on track as COVID-19 lockdown enters phased approach

By: Creamer Media Reporter      29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / As South Africans enter the phasing-in of the lockdown period into different stages, designed to try to slow down the rate of infection from the COVID-19 pandemic while allowing the country to gett back to work, people are shifting their focus of concern from health worries to the realities... 

Bureau Veritas Laboratories Extends its accreditation scope

By: Creamer Media Reporter      29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / Our laboratory extends its scope of service by providing Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) services in addition to inspection, coal, mineral and water testing services currently offered by the laboratory. Quote : Gavin Hefer, Commodities Director of Bureau Veritas in South Africa, said: “we are... 

Covid-19: A global reset with a generational impact

By: Creamer Media Reporter      29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / The local and global economic outlook is bleak, yet the same may not be true for markets. Investment firm RisCura recently hosted a webinar with leading investment specialists in order to get their views on Covid-19 and its impact on markets, the economy and society. “The impact of Covid-19 will... 

Robots in the time of covid-19

29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / The contagion of COVID-19 has swept through the lives of people across the globe, disrupted all industries and brought the world’s economy to a grinding halt. Some analysts predict the pandemic’s impact could be as devastating as the Great Depression, which lasted from 1929 to 1933. As the world... 

SEIFSA awards for excellence – final call for entries

By: Creamer Media Reporter      29th April 2020 / MEDIA STATEMENT / The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) urges companies that are yet to submit entries for the 2020 SEIFSA Awards for Excellence to do so before tonight’s midnight deadline. “There is now only today left for companies operating in the metals and engineering... 

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