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Unique Student-Centered marketing campaign Wows audience

False Bay TVET College, Fish Hoek Campus student, Mauriece Cloete

By Colleen Brennon, False Bay TVET College, Marketing Manager

This visually striking campaign uses student models across all 5 campuses of False Bay TVET College to convey the various study fields and career paths that students can aspire to.

The campaign centers around the student and the many possibilities that lie within each of them.  Our campaign theme “Be More Be You”, makes use of student heroes, from each of the campuses, as well as a central figure that anchors the entire theme.  Through our image selection, subject placement and extended information, we invite the viewers to access the future them, provided through the excellence of False Bay TVET College education and training.  We sought to remain relevant, and at the same time create a campaign that is future focused, that will not date.  We intend building on the campaign for next 3 years.

How we crafted the campaign

We created a collage of double exposed imagery reflecting the many career opportunities, that False Bay TVET College offers, that are placed within each of our main subjects.  Each hero is future focused, with their untapped potential waiting to be unlocked. Our strong call to action, together with the clear description of the study fields on offer, as well as our campus locations, ensures that the target audience is quickly able to assimilate the key messages.

  1. Be More Be You

  2. You have many options to choose from

  3. We are conveniently situated.

How we are implementing

The campaign implementation involves an integrated multi-channel approach; a tactic we have successfully used over several our previous campaigns. This approach allows us to reach our prospective students where they are.  We are rolling out the campaign across a variety of media.

Our channel selection and media plan focus on unlocking the full potential of the campaign, ensuring maximum and relevant exposure. The placement of college specific hero executions, at key locations, links the prospective with current student, invoking fun conversation points and creating a community feel.  It delivers a strong acknowledgment message and separates us from our competitors, who typically deploy stock image selections for their campaigns.


During our planning sessions, we coined the phrase “Accessing Education where it matters most” and we believe that we have created an accessible, well targeted, campaign that delivers on this sub theme.  Our future orientated, potential filled, prospective students, epitomize the target audience for whom a quality education will unlock a new exciting future. 

For many of our students they remain the first generation, within their families, to fully access the opportunity of tertiary education. They not only hold their own futures in their hands, but equally the hopes of their parents, guardians and extended families.  We, as False Bay TVET College, are uniquely privileged to be able to join them on these journeys.

We are excited about the campaign and we look forward to reviewing the results as the campaign unfolds.