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STEVEN GOLDING The early days of SSG Consulting were characterised by rushing frantically between different project sites and working out of a green Land Rover Defender

30th July 2021


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Year of formation and Background to founding:
The SSG Group of Companies was founded by Steven Golding in 2005, initially to facilitate additional income from odd consulting jobs. Early days were characterised by rushing frantically between different project sites and working out of a green Land Rover Defender.

SSG Consulting became a full-time endeavor in late 2007, driven by a passion for large construction projects. The green Land Rover was eventually replaced by a small office hidden above a KFC. Not the healthiest work environment, but effective, nonetheless.

Solving client and industry challenges with innovation was always the ingredient to SSG’s success. One of these challenges was the desperate need for an integrated project management solution.

In 2009, the development of the KEY360 Management Platform was the answer to this industry need.
While focusing on the development and implementation of the KEY360 Platform, SSG Consulting proudly supported the biggest projects in South Africa.

While SSG Consulting grew rapidly in staff count and project track record, KEY360 developed into a powerful ingredient for running mega projects both locally and internationally.

The SSG Group now includes subsidiaries, channel partners and non-profit’s and is a Level 2 broad-based black economic empowerment contributor.

Company Mission, Products & Services:
The SSG Group prides itself as a specialist in three areas:

  • Capital project management advisory and execution
  • Business operations optimisation
  • KEY360 platform technology.

Combining our passion for performance optimisation and innovative technology, we offer clients a unique problem-solving ability and one-stop-shop capability.

Our multidiscipline execution teams consist of project managers, engineers, project controls and business analysts. We also provide full supply chain, contract management and construction management support to an increasing client base.

From 2015 our client base has increased to include a global footprint including Southern Africa, India, Australia, Canada, and the US.
The award winning KEY360 platform provides clients with over 140 integrated solutions for business and project management including workflow, data management and business intelligence capability.

Current Shareholders:
The SSG Group is a privately-owned family business.

Number of People Employed: 80

Greatest Corporate Achievements:

  • Working on the biggest projects in South Africa over the past 12 years
  • Growing the business from one to over 100 employees
  • KEY360 winning the Accenture Innovation Awards in 2016/17
  • KEY360 achieving 10 000 users and 300-million transactions
  • Growing a business from 2008 to 2021, surviving state capture and the Covid19 pandemic
  • International expansion
  • Launching the ‘KEYCoins’ blockchain platform in 2021
  • Developing ‘KEY360 MyafrikA’ which is a revolutionary design for “smart settlements” aimed at the poorest communities in the world.

Hope for the future:
Our hope for the future is that the SSG Group and KEY360 will continue to advance the progress of Southern African and global economic development and provide a powerful catalyst for job creation. We also look forward to seeing KEY360 MyafrikA eradicate poverty on a global scale.

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