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SBSĀ® Solutions SA and SALGA assist Bushbuckridge Local Municipality to deliver water to community

SBSĀ® Solutions SA and SALGA assist Bushbuckridge Local Municipality to deliver water to community

Dedication and commitment to ensure that the Thulamashe community in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga would have access to their basic rights saw employees from water security solutions company, SBS® Solutions SA, head out from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, despite widespread protest action and looting, to commence the installation of a water tank donation. 

Road closures and a management decision to protect the team resulted in the team turning back. However, the delay was short-lived, with the installation proceeding in the second week of August as part of an extended Mandela Day celebration and in honour of Women’s Month. 

“Access to water is a right enshrined in our South African constitution,” said Honourable Mayor - Bushbuckridge Local Municipality, Sylvia Nxumalo. “Delivering water to our communities is a priority and part of our mandate from our leadership and national government. Most of our budgetary provisioning as municipalities is directed at access to water. We are grateful that our partnership with SALGA and SBS® Solutions SA, enabled us to provide water security to the Thulamashe B3 district this year, in celebration of Mandela Day 2021.” 

Due to water rationing and low pressure, the water supply to the community was inconsistent and insufficient to feed to most of the houses. The community required a water storage solution that would boost the pressure of supply to the area, which included the households of 250 community members and a local creche. The partnership between the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality, SALGA, and water security solutions provider, SBS® has meant that the community will now have access to water every day. 

“The 50000-litre water tank that we donated and installed will actively relieve the water challenges and shortages faced by this community,” said Mava Gwagwa, SBS® Solutions SA Director: New Business Development. “Through our relationship with SALGA and municipalities across South Africa we work to deliver water security solutions that are not only fast and effective, but that also serve to build for better in our communities. Our modular water tanks can be installed anywhere, no matter how remote the location. They are engineer-designed to withstand high wind and harsh environmental conditions and can be used for the storage of drinking water as well as many other chemicals.” 

SBS® Solutions SA is a level 2 BBEEE company and employees from both the Municipal Sales and the Installation teams who completed the installation gave up personal time, including a Sunday and the Women’s Day public holiday, to travel from KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng to Mpumalanga to install the water security solution as part of their Mandela Day contribution. This contribution was way above the traditional 67 minutes and part of the company’s DNA to commit wholeheartedly and build for better, not just on Mandela Day, but every day. 

“The municipality is the heartbeat of the community,” said Honourable Mayor Nxumalo, “SBS has done very well for us in helping us bring water to this community. The Bushbuckridge Local Municipality are pleased to be able to continue to serve our community members and deliver on the promise of water for all.” 

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