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BRIDGING THE GAP KEY360 provides a simple interface, accelerating workflow with instant feedback

1st December 2023


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Project, engineering and construction management consulting firm SSG Consulting is positioning its business intelligence software platform KEY360 as a solution to the “gap” in the organisational capability that comes with enterprise resource planning solutions, spreadsheets and Web solutions.

“Operational requirements, such as having a single integrated platform for core operations and project processes, accurate and easily accessible documentation, internal workflow across all business processes and more, form the core elements provided by KEY360,” explains SSG Group CEO Steven Golding.

Although business systems tend to be “dreaded” by most users, KEY360 provides an “unexpected” effect, as it became clear that users, even in the initial training provided, were excited by the network effect, ease-of-use, individual versatility and transparency of the platform, he adds.

KEY360 is designed as a single integrated platform, with over 160 business processes, operating at the base level required by organisations for day-to-day workflow, providing a simple interface, which accelerates workflow and provides users with instant feedback.

Golding says the data analytics and dashboard design are accessible and easily created by any user and serve to simplify the analytics interface by enabling users to consistently create new permutations and layouts of data combinations.

“Business systems and software at the functional level are extremely polarised, according to the specialty of the creator, forcing organisations to procure, use and integrate multiple solutions.”

He notes that this reduces transparency and the ability to collaborate while significantly increasing the learning requirements and the total cost of ownership of technology.

Transparency is the “ingredient” which provides teams with the ability to collaborate and work better, with KEY360 continuously measuring improvements of up to ten times the operational efficiency.

KEY360 provides users with extensive graphic and charting capabilities, creating significant transparency of information as these outputs can be easily shared with the appropriate audiences in automated push-reporting formats.

In turn, Golding says the KEY360 network effect of having so many users looking at accurate permutations of the data serves to improve the accuracy and impact thereof, consequently facilitating faster and better decision-making.

Edited by Donna Slater
Features Deputy Editor and Chief Photographer


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