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Hydronix Ltd



Web: www.hydronix.com
Telephone Number:  +44 1483 468900
Email Address:  enquiries@hydronix.com
Fax Number:  +44 1483 468919

Hydronix is the original and World leading manufacturer of digital microwave moisture sensors with over 70,000 sensors installed worldwide. Specifically designed for the concrete and aggregate industries Hydronix have a range of sensors that can easily be installed in aggregate bins and in most types of mixer. Integration into a new or existing system is simple. All Hydronix sensors are easily calibrated, configured and controlled remotely over a network connection

The Hydro-Probe is designed to measure in the flow of aggregates from a bin and is the most popular moisture sensor in the World. The Hydro-Mix is a flush mounted sensor designed to be installed in the turbulent environment of a mixer. Because the sensor can rapidly detect changes in moisture levels real time adjustments can be made to the moisture content of the material during processing if required.

We will also be introducing the latest version of our software, Hydro-Com 2.5.0. This enables the user to easily calibrate, configure and monitor sensors remotely over a network connection using Hydro-Com software or USB, Ethernet, RS232 / RS485 connections.

Please visit www.hydronix.com for further details