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Delta Realty’s Menlo Pinnacles Obtains a Four-Star Green Star Rating

Delta Realty’s Menlo Pinnacles Obtains a Four-Star Green Star Rating

Delta Reality, with Delta Built Environment Consultants (Delta BEC) as its Green Star consultants, successfully obtained a four-star design rating for its Menlo Pinnacles development from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).

Delta Realty, the DELTA Group’s property development company specialising in middle to high-income housing developments, recently embarked on a project to obtain a Green Star certification for its Menlo Pinnacles development. Menlo Pinnacles is a three-storey residential building that contains 10 sectional title units as well as accommodating structures and facilities in Menlo Park, Pretoria. The development boasts several designed sustainable building features (click here for full list of features) including:

  • Demonstrating a 73% improvement in HVAC and GHG emissions over notional building

  • Only making use of solar and gas heating

  • An 18.6 KWp solar PV system with emission reduction at 57 kg CO2e/m²/year

  • Rainwater harvesting for flushing toilets (54% demand reduction) and irrigation (53% demand reduction)

  • Efficient water fittings which reduce water consumption by 35%

  • On-site stormwater attenuation with similar runoff to the street as pre-development

  • A 92% reduction in virgin materials being used for face brick

  • Supplying A+ energy rating appliances and exceeding GBCSA potable water efficiency requirements.

As a result, Menlo Pinnacles achieved a four star design rating, making it the first Multi-Unit Residential v1 certification in Gauteng, with only three others of its kind being successfully certified in Africa to date (as per the GBCSA project directory). The certification recognises the development for demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability of designing a building that is deemed best practice in terms of the given standards and benchmarks. 

For more information on the Menlo Pinnacles design rating, contact Hennie Meyer on 082 496 3946 or at