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Continuation of MiX Services during the lock down period

MiX Telematics has a detailed business continuity plan in place to mitigate business disruption. We are committed to minimise the impact of this pandemic and the nation-wide lock down period on our business operations and to continue delivering the highest quality service to our clients without disruption. Our management team are working around the clock to ensure our business continuity plan is implemented, taking the additional precautions announced by the President into consideration.

The MiX Telematics software platform and value-added services will continue to be available and managed 24/7. We endeavour to continue providing the service and support, availability and security for our client’s fleet operations during this time. We have the necessary equipment and back-up systems in place to continue with service and maintenance requests, as well as hardware repairs in order to ensure uptime of units and to ensure the uptime of our servers. Our MiX Track and React bureau service and our Recovery Control Room will continue functioning during the lock down period.

MiX Telematics services fall within the essential services mentioned in the announcement. The Company is a registered member of PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) and the Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA) therefore the Company’s products and services provide safety and security services that help protect people and property. This includes 24/7 monitoring of vehicles and drivers transporting cargo including food, health-related goods and essential products.

How MiX Telematics is helping the world to keep moving forward during COVID-19

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis the world is currently facing, we want you to know that we are prepared and that our technology is helping you to keep your business sustainable in these challenging times. The health and safety of our own staff, our customers and partners is paramount.

Part of MiX Telematics’ mission has always been to make the world safer with the help of our technology. This has now come into focus even more sharply as we consider how this technology can not only prevent individuals who drive for work from getting into life-threatening crashes but also how our mobile solutions can help the world to keep moving forward.

The cloud

All of your data is stored in our top-tier data centres. No matter where you find yourself at this point in time, you have 24/7 access to important information about your drivers’ whereabouts and movements. Our SaaS software platform and value-added services will continue to be available and managed by our loyal employees to ensure you continue to have access.

Remote management

You can manage your drivers remotely at all times, thus minimizing physical contact. If you want to communicate with your drivers, you can do so using our driver-focused apps (and, of course, all other technology at your disposal). Our online dashboards are updated in real-time, so you can plan ahead and assign jobs accordingly without ever having to meet in person. Your drivers, in turn, can manage their jobs and check their performance by using our apps. In addition, drivers are notified via in-cab technology of any behavioural or maintenance issues while they’re on the road.

Contingency Plans

We want you to rest assured that MiX Telematics have put contingency plans in place to guarantee that our services will continue to be stable and available so you can still meet your business requirements during this period of uncertainty. Customer services will be maintained throughout.

MiX Telematics is also continuing to manufacture products and making every effort possible to deliver on orders and communicate proactively should any issues arise.

With regards to our employees, we have taken the following immediate measures to keep them safe:

  • Established a pandemic response committee comprising the most senior executives from across the globe, who meet regularly to leverage advice from the WHO and CDC as guidance.

  • Provided continuous information and general tips about the importance of hand washing, staying at home if feeling ill, self-quarantining if you have travelled, etc.

  • Running an employee education program via the MiX Learning Centre (MLC) to share key COVID-19 information.

  • Suspended non-essential employee travel, both international and domestic.

  • Instructed all staff to leverage technology and conduct meetings using virtual tools.

  • Requested employees to work from home as a further precaution.

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and the situation is changing daily. MiX Telematics are committed to supporting our staff, whilst maintaining effective business operations as far as possible. Our focus will continue to be on safety and maintaining service delivery excellence to our customers worldwide.