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Alcohol Breathalysers News

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Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd

Name of company and activity

Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd offers nationwide and export sales and distribution of industrial and law-enforcement breath alcohol testers, drug test kits, non-alcohol sterile wipes and paper straws. Recalibration services and competency training is also offered to support breathalyser sales.

Most memorable moment of 2021 / Biggest highlight of 2021

Reaching a milestone in our iBlow10 sales by selling over 5 750 units since launching the iBlow product in 2017 and surviving the first and second waves of the Covid19 pandemic whilst remaining profitable up until the end of our financial year that ended February 2021.

Most forgettable aspect of 2021 / Biggest disappointment of 2021

Witnessing the demise of South Africa’s railway network and power infrastructure as well as witnessing the looting and civil unrest which took place in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal during July that paralysed our country.

Hopes for South Africa in 2022

We hope for economic and political stability in 2022 to enable our business to grow and expand in our developing country. We hope that South Africa’s power infrastructure will not collapse and that renewable green energy supply will be brought online. We also hope that a concerted effort will be made by the Department of Transport, PRASA and Transnet to protect our rail infrastructure from imminent collapse. We also hope that our law-enforcement authorities will work towards making our roads and country safer whilst fighting against widespread corruption at all levels of government.

Plans for making 2022 memorable

We plan to expand our range of health and safety products, introduce new cutting edge technology, improve our Black Economic Empowerment score and grow our sales and marketing presence within South Africa and throughout the continent of Africa.