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Abeco Tanks: thriving for over 35 years

19th September 2019


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An innovation-focused company that has been both a pioneer in water storage solutions and a champion of water as the most important currency in Africa, has achieved a major milestone in its history.

The Johannesburg-based company - which was founded by Mannie Ramos Snr. in 1983 – celebrates over 35 years in business and has grown exponentially, now operating in 35 countries across the globe including Africa, Central America and the Middle East. With a 269,000 square foot manufacturing facility, employing over 120 people, Abeco Tanks has become a definitive leader in its space.  

The future of Abeco is just as inspiring as its brand history. The company is a family owned business founded by current Executive Chairman Mannie Snr. Ramos who handed over the reins of Abeco in 2018 to his two sons: Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mannie Jnr. Ramos and Managing Director (MD) Duane Ramos. The company was founded on a vision to solve the challenge of water scarcity, which its leaders believed would only increasingly worsen, and they wanted to reduce the negative impact on communities and businesses.

Abeco’s vision was to alleviate water challenges by creating storage solutions that would hygienically store water in case of a shortage, thereby ensuring water continuity on the continent.

“Water is needed for success in agriculture, business, industry and mining – the pillars of our continent’s developing economies – as well as to keep our communities running,” explains Mannie Ramos Jnr.

Over three and a half decades later the company has become a definitive leader in water storage based on its quality precision engineering, collaborative partnerships and exceptional customer service.

And the future looks even brighter for the company, which has evolved beyond a pure design, manufacturing and installation business. Leading the charge to view water as the most important currency in Africa, Abeco is helping businesses and communities to put a continuity plan in place. One way to ensure continuity is to bank water which is why the company sees itself as the World’s first bank for water.

“Our water banks - that is our tanks – act like a savings account so that businesses and communities have the water they need to keep running, even in times of water scarcity,” he says.

“The biggest challenge is that by the time a water shortage hits a community, city and businesses, it is too late. There is either no water to use, or limited water availability. By educating people to view water as an asset and to plan for times when water is scarce, we are hoping to change attitudes to water usage entirely.” 

The company’s strategic partnerships with industrial and commercial property development companies, engineering and mining sectors, fire control companies, farms, corporates and local government municipalities, continue to drive collaboration and ensure a stable supply of clean water on the continent.

Abeco’s product range consists of ground level water tanks; elevated water tanks; circular water tanks and custom-made water tanks, which are used in various sectors including mining, power generation, processing, manufacturing and public buildings such as office blocks, apartment blocks, shopping centers, hospitals and schools.

These water tanks are designed to hygienically contain water for all uses from industrial to home use. Abeco’s tanks are extremely versatile and can be used to store dry bulk like gravel or industrial materials, hot water, effluent, fuels and corrosive liquids.


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