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MANNIE RAMOS Anticipated the increased frequency of water scarcity

30th July 2021


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Year of Formation and Background to Founding:
Abeco was founded back in 1983 by the late Mannie Ramos Snr. During this time, few people outside of academia had ever even heard of the term ‘climate change’, much less knew what its consequences would mean to the normal running of businesses and communities. But Ramos identified that many communities lacked access to adequate water supplies and that many others faced future water shortages without urgent planning.

With uncanny foresight, Ramos anticipated the increased frequency of water scarcity and, more importantly, the need to be able to supply clean water to Africa’s businesses and communities to enable them to successfully operate even in times of a water shortage.
Nearly 40 years later when drought and changes in rainfall patterns, as well as aging infrastructure, have become more commonplace, Abeco has emerged as the definitive leader in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative water storage solutions.

Company Mission, Products & Services:
As the leader in providing innovative water storage solutions in Southern Africa, Abeco has become known as a “water bank”, providing a cost-effective, convenient and stable supply of water to protect every community in Africa from risk.

Our water banks act like a “savings account” so that businesses and communities have the water they need to keep running, even in times of water scarcity.

We partner with industrial and commercial property development companies, industrial, engineering and mining companies, fire control companies, farms, corporates and local government municipalities to ensure a stable supply of clean water.

We act as “income protectors” to ensure that businesses can keep running and that their incomes do not run out, even when water does.
With a nearly 40-year history, the company and its high-quality steel water tanks are used by blue chip clients including Anglo American, Sasol, Chevron, FNB, BP, Unilever, JP Morgan, Shell, GlaxoSmithKline and Investec, as well as at many municipalities, government departments, schools and hospitals throughout the continent.   

Current Shareholders:
Abeco Tanks is a private, family-owned business with equity stakeholder and funding partners, Investec Private Capital and Global Capital empowerment fund.

Number of People Employed:
120 employees

Greatest Corporate Achievement:
Six years ago, Abeco started investigating and researching the powder coating market which would give an additional option for clients to have their steel tanks coated in different colours for a more aesthetically pleasing look. After rigorous research, planning and budgeting, in 2020 Abeco made a significant investment of R35-million to begin building a fully automated powder coating production line in South Africa, the first of its kind in Africa for water tanks and bespoke for tanks. The plant is in its final phase of completion and will be online mid-August 2021.

Hope for the Future:
Our hope for the future is that water supply and continuity will be prioritised by governments and placed firmly on the health agenda. In addition, that adequate funding is allocated for these essential water projects by various funding institutions for Africa.  

While our competitors only store water, we offer more than just storage - we provide a business continuity plan by banking water.
We also believe that the perception of water will change; that those who do not see water as a precious resource will take the steps necessary for water conservation and that this will happen on a large scale.

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