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Topic - Kyle Parker
Feb 28, 2014
MARKING SMART The new InfoDent 8400-20 pin marking machine can print on uneven surfaces and machine-readable information or two-dimensional code onto hot steel products
The new version of the InfoDent 8400-20 pin marking system, designed for marking hot, primary metals or steel products, which was launched in mid-2013, has an improved controller, which increases the marking speed and can print machine-readable information, or...
Aug 17, 2012
Marking and identification company Traceability Solutions will soon release a lower-cost identification system for the galvanising industry, reveals sales manager Kyle Parker. He explains that the traceability of steel becomes a problem after a product has been...
Mar 02, 2012
Tracking and tracing equipment supplier Traceability Solutions has acquired a new EV-40 laser from US-based traceability company Telesis.
Jul 01, 2011
Two new US-based traceability company Telesis lasers, a CO2 laser to mark organic material and a vanadate solid-state laser to mark metals and plastics, have been introduced to the local market by tracking and tracing equipment company Traceability Solutions for the...
Feb 25, 2011
Marking and identification solutions company Traceability Solutions reports that it is introducing a new steel-tracking system for steel merchants.
Jul 03, 2009
High security labels, which are largely used in the automotive industry, are applicable in any industry, owing to their durability, says permanent marking solutions provider Traceability Solutions sales manager Kyle Parker.
May 29, 2009
Marking and identification solutions company Traceability Solutions has introduced a computerised permanent-marking system, in the form of a two-dimensional (2D) data matrix code, through its US-based agency, Telesis.
Jul 06, 2001
Variable and growing needs for industrial identification and traceability equipment has resulted in Telesis, the world’s largest supplier of permanent identification systems, increasing its options of marking tools.
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