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Topic - Elaine Van Rooyen
Feb 02, 2015
Easy-Rail, a crash-tested guardrail system representing the latest European safety and quality standards, is being manufactured in South Africa by Andrew Mentis, under license from Volkmann & Rossbach of Germany. Andrew Mentis has teamed up with Road Furnishing...
Dec 01, 2014
The International Transport Forum’s Road Safety Annual Report, released in May 2013, ranked South Africa the worst out of 36 countries in terms of the number of road fatalities. Road fatalities per 100 000 inhabitants was at 27.6 deaths in 2011. This is a shocking...
Nov 05, 2014
Andrew Mentis offers the advantage of an open-ended system on its RS40 Rectagrid floor grating panels. This eliminates the banding of panels and because no welding is required, corrosion is minimised. “Accurate pitching provides aesthetically pleasing pattern...
Oct 24, 2014
SECURE WITH EXPANDED METAL Expanded metal offers the same level of flexibility as conventional fencing
Steel products manufacturer Andrew Mentis says that expanded metal is fast becoming a popular material to ensure human and warehoused items’ safety inside facilities. The company says that when compared to conventional fencing, expanded metal offers increased...
Jul 04, 2014
Expanded metal has fast become a popular material for securing individual areas within all types of facilities. One of the main uses in this particular application is in inventory holding sections of manufacturing plants and warehouses. When compared to conventional...
Apr 11, 2014
There is no substitute for quality. The companies that stay in the race have invested capital and effort into building a portfolio of products that are characterised by attention to detail in design and quality manufacturing. Considered the blue ribbon of design and...
Apr 11, 2014
Steel products manufacturer Andrew Mentis reports that it attributes its success in the provision of flooring and handrailing solutions to its approach of prioritising consumer feedback and researching the best methods of incorporating consumers’ input into its...
Mar 28, 2014
On-site safety remains a hot potato for many organisations. While slips, trips and falls can be attributed to a number of factors, inadequately designed and manufactured walkways remain a primary contributor to onsite accidents. According to Elaine van Rooyen,...
Jan 17, 2014
Jun 19, 2013
Oct 23, 2012
Jul 30, 2012
Leading engineering and manufacturing company Andrew Mentis has successfully completed a large order for approximately 5 300 metres of handrailing, 1 600 square metres of grating and 1 100 stair treads placed by Aveng Grinaker LTA’s DSE Fabrication
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