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Topic - Boeing 747
May 22, 2014
Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba on Thursday vehemently defended the reputation of South African Airways (SAA) CEO Monwabisi Kalawe, at a media briefing announcing the appointment of the national carrier’s first black chief pilot, captain Eric Manentsa. SAA...
Feb 21, 2014
EXTRA CAPACITY A BA A380 flies past Cape Town and Table Mountain
Fuel is one of the key concerns of the global airline industry today. “One of the challenges we have is the fuel price, obviously,” says British Airways (BA) MD: Brands and Customer Experience Frank van der Post. “Other challenges are around taxation and local...
Mar 08, 2013
Allowing greater numbers of airfreight operators access to airports creates wider economic benefits for the country concerned, while restricting access hampers economic growth. “It is an established fact that the existence of an ‘open skies’ airport gives increasing...
Mar 08, 2013
The cargo division of Dubai-based international airline Emirates, which is branded as SkyCargo, is reporting good airfreight traffic to and from South Africa. “With South Africa we have quite a nice mix of cargo,” says South Africa-based SkyCargo senior cargo sales...
Jan 17, 2013
Airliner manufacturer Airbus expects to lose about one month’s production of its A380 Superjumbo this year as it phases in a new wing design for the aircraft. It hopes to recover this lost production next year. This was revealed by company president and CEO Fabrice...
Oct 12, 2012
Giant US aerospace group Boeing has forecast that the world’s gross domestic product will nearly double over the next 20 years, driving strong growth in the global air freight market and resulting in an 84% increase in the number of cargo aircraft in service between...
Oct 04, 2012
The Bloodhound, a 1 000 mph car that will attempt to break the land speed record on South Africa’s Hakskeen Pan in 2013, has successfully tested its hybrid rocket system for first time on Wednesday. At 4 m long, 45.7 cm in diameter and 450 kg in weight, Bloodhound’s...
Oct 03, 2012
Giant US aerospace group Boeing predicted on Tuesday, in the latest (2012/2013) edition of its biennial Boeing World Air Cargo Forecast, that the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) will nearly double over the next 20 years, driving strong growth in the global air...
Sep 26, 2012
Jul 27, 2012
Jul 06, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
Mar 16, 2012
Major international airline British Airways (BA), part of the International Airlines Group (IAG) is investing £5-billion over a five-year period in new aircraft, cabin interiors, cabin crew training and various hardware and software systems designed to benefit its...
Feb 24, 2012
Kenya Airways and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have teamed up to introduce the first direct freighter service between mainland China and Africa, the parties announced this week. The joint venture between KLM cargo and Kenya Airways cargo division KQ Cargo would link...
Jan 27, 2012
Airbus blamed a combination of manufacturing and design flaws for wing cracks on its A380 superjumbo but said it had found a simple solution to the problem, easing concerns among analysts who had feared the issue could dog the European plane-maker. In unusually...
Aug 29, 2011
Aug 12, 2011
South Africa-based international logistics company Safcor Panalpina has strengthened its inbound service into South Africa with a weekly direct flight from Luxembourg to Johannesburg, says business development director Mike Manby.
Aug 03, 2011
In CE "International airport "Donetsk" was put into operation new artificial air-strip. For today it is the most modern air-strip in the country.
Apr 08, 2011
Electricity has been restored to all the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Japan. This means that the control panels have now all lit up instead of there being an inky darkness, and electricity is now running to the electrical cooling...
Jan 21, 2011
The value of the combined agriculture, water, fisheries, forestry and tourism and human capital markets in Africa stands at $909-billion, but intraregional trade in Africa currently stands at only 12% of total exports.
May 28, 2010
Malaria used to occur over Europe, the UK, the US and many other places, even above the Arctic circle.
Mar 05, 2010
Feb 18, 2010
Air France-KLM on Thursday became the first carrier to bring the world's biggest aircraft - the Airbus A380 - to Africa. The double-decker superjumbo, which can carry more than 500 passengers, landed on Thursday at the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg,...
May 22, 2009
When one buys a car, it comes with a recommended, but not legally prescribed, maintenance or service plan, to be performed at regular intervals, typically every 10 000 or 15 000 km and sometimes only every 20 000 km. The amount of work performed during a car service...
Nov 26, 2008
Attached please find a press release on: Loading 30 smart cars in a Boeing 747 in less than 60 minutes. A new Guinness Book record for the fastest loading of cars onto aircraft has been set on 23 October 2008 by the express delivery company TNT and the car magazine...
Oct 24, 2008
A business associate of mine recently went on a two-day business trip to Angola. He came back with malaria.
Jul 16, 2008
National carrier South African Airways has managed to achieve a R2-billion turnaround in its 2007/08 financial year, delivering a net profit before restructuring costs of R123-million, compared with a loss of R883-million the year before, the airline reported on...
May 23, 2008
May 13, 2008
Nov 08, 2007
Serial loss maker South African Airways (SAA) on Thursday said that it had posted a net profit after restructuring charges of R80-million for the six months ended September 2007.
Mar 30, 2007
Since its establishment in October 2002, Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA) has become an essential part of the aviation and tourism industry in South Africa, says KMIA MD Sisa Tanda.
Dec 15, 2006
As a result of the continuing flight test and development programme of the Airbus A380 superjumbo, the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has issued new guidelines for horizontal and vertical separation...
Nov 10, 2006
One of the biggest aviation maintenance enterprises in the southern hemisphere, SAA Technical, is going for growth, seeking to expand its customer base. “Obviously, South African Airways (SAA) is our biggest and very important customer, but we also see the...
Nov 10, 2006
One of the biggest aviation maintenance enterprises in the southern hemisphere, SAA Technical, is going for growth,seeking to expand its customer base. “Obviously, South African Airways (SAA)is our biggest and very important customer, but we also see the...
Jul 05, 2006
A new dedicated air-freight operator, Imperial Air Cargo (IAC), will enter the historically-monopolised local air-freight business on August 1. The local air-freight market has shown impressive year-on-year growth of seven per cent , with the incumbent, SAA Cargo,...
Jun 30, 2006
The interim policy on horizontal separation between an Airbus A380 and any aircraft following behind it during an approach to landing at, or taking off from, an airport promulgated by the International Civil Aviation Organi-sation (ICAO) in November last year is too...
Jun 13, 2006
European jetliner manufacturer Airbus believes that the global air travel industry will continue to grow despite high oil prices.
Nov 25, 2005
The overhaul of Pratt & Whitney JT8 engines is the main current focus of South African Technical's engine workshop, headed by manager power plant and auxiliary power unit (APU) Kobus Kotze.
Nov 25, 2005
Despatch reliability is the Holy Grail of the airline industry, the ultimate measure of the efficiency of an airline's technical team.
Jul 18, 2005
It is an airliner like no other, better thought of as a winged airship or skyliner - so big in terms of payload and volume that applying the term 'ship' to it would not be an absurd affectation. Stand it on its nose, and it would be equivalent to a 24-or-so-storey...
Jul 15, 2005
It is an airliner like no other,better thought of as a winged airship or skyliner – so big in terms of payload and volume that applying the term ‘ship’ to it would not be an absurd affectation.
Oct 15, 2004
Infrastructure group Africon has been appointed lead consultant to master plan Durban’s proposed Dube TradePort, which includes a new-generation international airport.
Jan 30, 2004
At Sikhuphe, in the lowveld of Swaziland, the Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland has embarked on the devel- opment of a new international airport with an estimated cost of R500-million.
Oct 17, 2003
The South African aerospace industry has been identified by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as an important sector of the country’s manufacturing industry, as an important cluster that should be promoted and further developed.
Aug 22, 2003
Global aerospace giant Boeing awarded Denel Aviation, a division of the Denel Group, a contract to manufacture airplane parts for the Boeing 747 and its other commercial airplanes.
Feb 14, 2003
“It’s elementary my dear Watson” is a famous statement that is attributed to the storybook detective Sherlock Holmes.
Nov 25, 2002
The future looks bright for State-owned defence industrial group Denel as significant and growing success in export markets replaces the years of recession, retrenchment, and under-utilisation that so strongly marked the 1990s.
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