Post-Zuma uncertainty not addressed by current opposition party ideology - Khoza

13th February 2018 By: Dylan Slater - Creamer Media Staff Writer and Photographer

Political party, African Democratic Change (ADeC), has expressed concern that South Africa faces an uncertain future in light of poor opposition leadership and foresight.

The party, which was founded by former African National Congress (ANC) MP Makhosi Khoza, contends that opposition parties in South Africa have failed to unite the country behind a common vision.

“. . . opposition parties [are] focused on building their identity and strategy around one man – [President] Jacob Zuma – instead of thinking of new ways to unite South Africans and bring about the change needed in a democratic dispensation.”

Tuesday afternoon’s recall by the ANC of Zuma is one which ADeC supported; however, the ADeC suggests this move will be a “short-lived vision” that does not sustainably respond to the need for a democratic dispensation.

Entering a new era of economic diversification with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ADeC notes, will require new skills and a different outlook for our economy and business development.

An unclear future remains for South Africa after the removal of Zuma, says ADeC.

“The loud, populist voice of opposition political parties has led to the disintegration that our country is currently faced with. It is indeed a fact that our country still has wounds from the past that the current governing party has failed to heal, and thus, has not created a socially cohesive people,” it adds.

ADeC suggests that priority be given to the goal of forming a “direct democracy” which will be implemented within the South African electoral system. It also seeks to move government to a constituency-based system.

“Creating space for civil society organisations, unions and other forums . . . in Parliament decentralises power and ensures that all stakeholders within our diverse society have the platform to be able to make the change they want to see in South Africa,” the party says.