News Flash Beyond Nicotine

25th May 2017

News Flash  Beyond Nicotine

When management does the math on the true cost of smoking in the workplace, the true extent of the loss of productivity is revealed. Those 5 permitted 10-minute smoke breaks a day essentially add up to two full days per month lost to the organisation.

The Beyond Nicotine corporate intervention approach, developed in South African and now exported to the USA and UK, centres around a 24-day guided programme, starting with an in-house 90 minute workshop and based on the science of neuro-plasticity and the replacement of limiting habits with more positive ones, essentially encouraging the transformation and new attitude necessary to truly beat the addiction. Almost every smoker deep down does want to quit, but is not sure how.

The participants are divided into teams and support groups and are encouraged to create new habits like eating better, attending a gym, join a walking club and starting new hobbies, and strategic partnerships with leading gym groups allow for free attendance for the smoker and entire family during the transformation period. Incentives, recognition and corporate support ensure a very high final success rate.

Programmes are presented in English, Afrikaans, and isiZulu.

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