First turn of "International airport "Lvov" air strip construction was finished

26th August 2011

First stage of artificial "International airport "Lvov" air strip construction was finished. Works are implemented by "Altcom" road construction".

First turn of Lvov airport air strip is 1630 meters, including existing section reconstruction which length is 835 meters and new-constructed strip which length is 795 meters. Besides were put into operation taxi tracks №5 and №8 and platform №2. It will allow Lvov airport to accept planes of airlines, that today cooperates with the airport.

On the 25th of August, on the renewed air strip landed first plane Kiev-Lvov.

As told director of "Altcom" road construction" CD-8 director Alexander Shiliuk altogether within the first stage works there was laid 230 ths. cubic meters of concrete, area of created surfaces is 150 ths. square meters.

Tangible difficulties were created by climate conditions, that are typical for this region. So, constant rains caused soils water logging, territories swamping. Company specialists took off and transported unfit soils on the depth about 6 meters. Then stabilization of laying soil with the usage of geo gates was implemented. Per day about 6-7 thousand cubic meters of soil was removed and the same quantity was brought in.

"First stage was more complicated, than will be the second one, because we had peating on our way - 650 thousand cubic meters of peat was removed, replaced on sands, rubble materials. The single complicated thing on the second stage is removing of unnecessary soil, we need to remove 500 thousand cubic meters beyond the airport limits", - told Alexander Shiliuk.

But main complexity was the fact that Lvov airport wasn't closed on the reconstruction period that's why builders had to work directly on the active air strip. Here should be mentioned that for construction providing was put into operation concrete complex, consisting of three concrete hubs - plant LIEBHERR and two plants of Italian company «Simem». Joint complex capacity is 400 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Besides, highly productive concrete laying complex «SP 1500» is used on the air strip construction.

Director of "Altcom" road construction" CD-8 Alexander Shiliuk mentioned, that air strip width is 48 meters, general length after the reconstruction - 3305 meters that will allow to land here all types of planes including "Aerobuses" and "Boing-767".