Coalview reveals plans for new $50m Pennsylvania processing facility

23rd June 2014 By: Henry Lazenby - Creamer Media Deputy Editor: North America

Coalview reveals plans for new $50m Pennsylvania processing facility

Photo by: Bloomberg

TORONTO ( – US coal technology and fine coal recovery company Coalview Recovery Group on Monday revealed plans to build a $50-million fine coal processing plant in Eastern Pennsylvania.

The processing facility would consist of a full rail and truck load-out, along with a fine coal recovery (FCR) plant built to process about 300 000 t/y.

“We are actively looking to work with local producers of anthracite where they have existing or legacy impoundments to process their fine coals. There are numerous properties in the Pennsylvania area that can benefit from our technologies,” Coalview CEO Roger Fish said.

Coalview specialises in providing turnkey fine coal recovery systems to its customers, where it recovers the fine coal waste considered not large enough to pass through the plant.

The new Coalview facility will produce various sizes of anthracite product from fines, in partnership with current producers.

Anthracite contains more fixed carbon than any other type of coal with the least amount of ash and volatile matter. The product can be used as a domestic fuel product, or for use in steam-electric power generation.

Coalview executive director and lead investor David Schwedel added that this was an opportunity to assist existing anthracite producers in the Pennsylvania area that would positively affect employment in the area by creating more than one hundred direct and indirect jobs.

The Eastern Pennsylvania location offers several advantages.

“The location is perfect due to the number of existing and former anthracite producers that can take advantage of our fine coal recovery complex. In addition, Pennsylvania is one of the highest-ranked states for mining expertise in the US and we are proud to have our primary FCR and laboratory headquartered in the state as well,” Coalview president David Henry said.