Business school endorses technology-leadership programme

24th February 2006 By: System Author

The technology leadership programme (TLP) manage- ment course developed by Stratek Business Management Con- sultants, of Tshwane, has been formally endorsed by the business school of the Tshwane University of Technology.

In future, graduation certificates will be issued by the university.

The programme was originally designed around the management training needs of the young engineering and technology person. It was particularly designed to involve a great degree of experiential learning, which consists of actual visits to industrial operations. The TLP has been operating this way for over 15 years but, more recently, business schools around the world have adopted the term ‘action learning’, which involves real site visits.

The original TLP course was designed as a result of a collaboration between Eskom and Dr Kelvin Kemm, of Stratek, when Eskom expressed the need to direct its young technology people into a more real world management-training pro- gramme rather than a conventional class chalk-and-talk exercise.

The TLP course is spread over one year and consists of four quarterly contact weeks, with associated task work spread over the year.