39-year-old pump company receives special recognition

27th October 2006

The Jooste Cylinder and Pump Company, established in 1967 by Christiaan Jacobus Johannes Jooste, received a special award for services rendered to the industry at this years Stainless Steel Awards.

The company received the Cullinan award for engineering design in 1993, a Stainless Steel Award in 2002, and the SABS Disa award for design excellence in 2005 and 2006.

Jooste’s latest invention is a stainless steel riser pipe.

In addition, it is estimated that Jooste has used 25 km of stainless-steel tubing and about 30 km of stainless-steel rod since 1989. More than 40 000 borehole cylinders have been sold to date, while the greater efficiency of the product has saved the farming community an estimated R40-million since its introduction.

Jooste turned the borehole cylinder market upside down when he brought out his first revo- lutionary stainless-steel borehole cylinder for windmills, hand pumps and power heads. This was a totally new concept and required a mindset change, but Jooste was undeterred and proceeded to sell his first cylinders directly to farmers.

At the same time, Jooste was single-handedly raising two children aged nine and eleven, as his wife had died tragically in 1964. Today, the company is well established, ser- ving the entire Southern African market.

The Jooste borehole cylinder comprises a stainless steel tube, a plunger with a single groove and ring attached to a rod and a foot valve made from noncorrosive polyethylene and polyurethane materials. The ASRDS range is designed specially for boreholes deeper than 50 m, with a stroke length of 360 mm.

The stainless-steel tube is 50 mm longer than the standard cylinders, and operates with a double-ring plunger. Rod supports and unique Jooste foot valves are also fitted.

The Jooste force cylinder is used with a windmill or power head to pump water from dams or wells over long distances to higher levels. It comprises an ASRDS cylinder with a force head fitted to it and a base plate secures the pump to the ground. It is also fitted with a double-ring plunger and the unique Jooste foot valve.

In motivating Jooste for the award, Jooste manager Andrew Garbers says that the well-known small businessperson and inventor made it his mission to manufacture quality stainless-steel products for a specific sector of the agricultural market that had never used much stainless steel before. “We feel it is a fitting honour for Sassda to acknowledge Jooste for his lifelong pursuit of quality, durable products that champion the use of stainless steel.” In addition, public-relations company Addixion won a special award for services rendered to the stainless steel industry.

The company received the award for its compilation of two highly successful issues of Sassda’s ‘All Things Bright & Beautiful’ glossy brochure, the latest issue inserted into the October edition of Fair Lady and RB Magazine. The former has a monthly distribution of 115 000, with a readership of 900 000, while the latter distributes 7 000 copies to hotels, restaurants and buyers.

The insert was designed to promote locally- manufactured stainless-steel consumerware goods to everyday consumers.