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DEHN Africa all-weather voltage detectors enhance safety of electrical installations

13th March 2017 DEHN Africa has introduced the new PHE4 series of voltage detectors to improve safety during maintenance of electrical systems and installations. The detectors provide reliable information in all weather conditions – wet and dry – and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The voltage detector... 

DEHN Africa honours partners in third annual awards ceremony

27th February 2017 DEHN Africa, a lighting and surge protection solutions provider, recently acknowledged its local distribution partners, hosting its third annual African partner awards ceremony in Johannesburg. The event started with a look into the company’s upward trajectory over the past few years, covered its... 

DEHN Africa extends CPD course to Kenya

27th February 2017 Lighting and surge protection solutions provider, DEHN Africa recently hosted its first CPD seminar in Nairobi, Kenya, with the assistance of the Institute of Engineers of Kenya (IEK). DEHN Africa frequently holds seminars, training and workshops as part of its education institution, DEHNacademy.... 

DEHN Africa provides lightning protection components for thatched roofs

27th February 2017 It’s a reality that thatched roofs are extremely popular in South Africa, both within many rural communities and a number of upmarket developments. Constructed of soft material, such as straw, reed, grass or coconut leaves, a thatched roof is more susceptible to catching alight as a result of a... 
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South Africa plans emergency steel tariff from July – WTO

South Africa is proposing to put emergency "safeguard" tariffs on imports of certain flat hot-rolled steel products from July, it said in a filing published by the World Trade Organisation on Thursday. The tariff would be in place for three years, and fall from 12% in the first year to 10% in... 

Fuel price to rise next week

The Department of Energy has confirmed that the price of petrol in Gauteng will increase by 49c per litre on May 3. This is due to the international product prices of petrol increasing during the recent period, as well as the rand having depreciated against the US dollar. 
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