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Dr Kelvin Kemm

Dr Kemm is a nuclear physicist and is the CEO of Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Kemm is the chairperson of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation. He sits on the Board of Advisers of the Committee for A Constructive Tomorrow, based in Washington DC. 

He is also a Board Member of GoNuclear Inc, and EFN: USA both based in Colorado, USA.

Dec 03, 1999
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Nov 26, 1999
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Nov 19, 1999
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Nov 12, 1999
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Oct 29, 1999
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Oct 22, 1999
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Oct 15, 1999
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Oct 01, 1999
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Sep 17, 1999
Sep 10, 1999
Sep 03, 1999
Aug 27, 1999
Aug 13, 1999
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Aug 06, 1999
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Jul 09, 1999
Martin Gottlieb is an engineer. He is also president of the American Institute of Engineers, and he currently has a mission. He is looking for a new name for ‘engineer’. Actually he is looking for a synonym. Gottlieb says doctors can be called physicians,...
Jul 02, 1999
In June it was announced that two new elements have been discovered. They have atomic numbers 116 and 118. A conventional periodic table of the elements stops at 104, or 103 if it is older, or at some lower number if it is even older! Elements up to uranium, which...
Jan 29, 1999
Many people have heard that, if you stand at the bottom of a deep well or mine shaft, and look up in broad daylight, you will see stars. People have also heard of the ‘dark side of the moon’. Well, the mine shaft and stars story is bunk! All you will see...
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