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Jan 22, 2016
COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL John Thompson carries out tests on a variety of biofuels, including torrefied biomass owing to growing demand for a cleaner and sustainable environment
Owing to the price of biofuels becoming more competitive than that of traditional fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, the need for biofuel-fired boilers is steadily increasing, says Cape Town-based industrial boilers manufacturer John Thompson divisional technical...
Jan 22, 2016
GAS SUPPLY Dr Yusuf Dadoo Hospital makes use of CNG Holdings’ pressure regulating plant to supply gas to its boilers
Public sector hospitals are leading government’s environment-friendly drive by replacing their coal-fired boilers with equipment that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG).
Jan 22, 2016
MANUFACTURE Allmech assembles and tests its boilers at its workshops before they are dispatched
Servicing boilers and cooling towers can ensure minimal scaling and protect the plant against premature failure, especially considering that 1 mm of scale can increase a company’s fuel bill by 10%, says boiler manufacturer Allmech GM Lionel Maasdorp.
Jan 22, 2016
BURNING REUSED OIL Technoburn encourages the use of recycled furnace oil for use in industrial burners and boilers
Recycling and refining recycled oil into fuel for furnace burners is a cost- effective solution and encourages recycling, says energy and fuel burning company Technoburn sales and marketing manager David Louch.
Jan 22, 2016
INCREASING PRESENCE The Cochran boiler range is available in countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, Botswana and Namibia
Heat generation technology company Steam Generation Africa has been able to consolidate its presence in providing boilers on the African continent following its concluded agreement with Scotland-based industrial boiler specialist Cochran in 2014 and a partnership...
Jan 22, 2016
Small and medium steam applications are benefiting from Cape Town-based boiler manufacturing company Cape Boiler & Heater’s flash-type steam boilers, Steamatic.
Jan 22, 2016
COST SAVING The biomass boiler reduces electricity production costs and creates a buffer against electricity price inflation
Owing to the ability of its boiler room that produces steam for the printing process, printing company Paarl Media’s specialised printing division Paarl Media Cape is achieving about 85% to 90% energy efficiency as a result of its new biomass steam plant.
Jan 22, 2016
GENERATING ELECTRICITY The ElectraTherm Power+Generator is distributed in South Africa by Alt.EnerPro
Through the process of feeding off heat from burners and boilers at tempretures as low as between 77 ºC and 116 ºC, the ElectraTherm Power+Generator distributed in South Africa by energy projects and professional services company Alt.EnerPro can generate up to 110...
Jun 05, 2015
Jun 05, 2015
Jun 05, 2015
Jun 05, 2015
Jun 05, 2015
Singapore-based fully integrated water solutions supplier Hyflux Membrane Manufacturing (Hyflux) has chosen engineering advisory firm and assurance services company Lloyd’s Register Energy as its American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) inspection services...
Jun 05, 2015
MOBILE BOILER The ability to transport a large boiler by truck instead of by rail is a time-saving advantage
US-based boiler company Nationwide Boiler announced in March the sale of five 650 hp mobile boiler rooms to a US federal government facility.
Jun 06, 2014
AWARD WINNING INNOVATION The University of Iowa Oakdale Research Park campus aims to have 40% of its energy needs met with renewable resources by the end of 2020
A project to retrofit a biomass-fired boiler at the University of Iowa’s (UI’s) Oakdale Research Park campus in Coralville, Iowa received the 2013 Grand Place Award in the Energy Production category from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).
Jun 06, 2014
WEE CHIEFTAN Cochran boilers operate in more than 100 countries worldwide
The popularity of coal-fired boilers is slowly losing momentum to the rise in cleaner burning fuels such as natural gas, according to heat generation company Steam Generation Africa.
Jun 06, 2014
COMPACT BOILER Miura’s compact boilers enabled RFI Ingredients to build a smaller boiler room than what is usually required by traditional boilers
US-based custom extracts and nutritional supplements company RFI Ingredients recently opted for compact and efficient boilers, instead of the traditional fire-tube boilers, owing to the compact boilers’ fast start-up capabilities and consistent steam supply. RFI...
Jun 06, 2014
ENVIROPAC BOILER With the addition of a carbon monoxide sensor, the combustion controller can self-learn the ideal shape of the burner excess air curve
Combustion controls, used in boilers, can boost thermal efficiency and reduce excess air curves, resulting in improved combustion reactions within the boiler.
Jun 06, 2014
MOBILE BOILER Nationwide Boiler has provided temporary and permanent boiler systems to district heating companies since 1967
US-based emergency rental boiler and auxiliary equipment company Nationwide Boiler Incorporated assisted in keeping more than 125 buildings warm during the past winter season, in Midwest US.
Jun 06, 2014
UNDER PRESSURE Risk-based inspection is a method using risk as a basis for prioritising and managing inspection programmes
Since the change by South Africa’s Department of Labour (DoL) from the Vessel Under Pressure Regulations to the Pressure Equipment Regulations in 2009, local boiler users, among other pressure vessel users, are now required to have a risk-based inspection (RBI)...
Jun 06, 2014
WIRELESS PORTABLE CONTROL The portable unit is powered by a rechargeable battery and is encased in an anodised dye-cast extruded aluminium case
Maintenance and testing procedures on power plant boilers can be monitored with engineering consulting company Carab Tekniva’s U-Fi wireless communication solution that was released in South Africa last year.
Jun 07, 2013
As the price of biomass fuels becomes more competitive with traditional fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, the demand for biomass-fired boilers is steadily increasing. Subsequently, this has created a growing need for the manufacturing of boilers for these cleaner and...
Jun 07, 2013
Environmental technology company Nano Bubble Technologies’ (NBT’s) emulsion fuels offer the boiler industry environmental and economic benefits.
Jun 07, 2013
The increasing conversion of existing coal-fired boilers to natural gas usage, owing to the changes in the price of natural gas, not only reduces emissions but also decreases boiler maintenance when compared with coal-fired boilers, says plant engineering and...
Jun 07, 2013
Boiler manufacturer Dryden Combustion announces an exciting new development in the South African boiler industry as it is supplying new coal-fired boilers, employing the latest available technology for boiler control systems, Dryden optimises combustion efficiency,...
Jun 07, 2013
Steam and hot-water equipment supplier Allmech has introduced its new range of oil- and gas-fired three-pass boilers to the market.
Jun 07, 2013
Projects worth about R30-million, aimed at improving the emission levels and energy efficiency at facilities across South Africa, are being undertaken by energy efficient combustion technologies company Combustion Technology.
Jun 07, 2013
The high local-content requirements and the recent re-establishment of the boilers industry have not only brought about opportunities but also challenges. The most challenging of which relates to a reduction in productivity and the quality of boilers produced by the...
Jun 07, 2013
According to sources, more than 12 steam boilers in South Africa fail catastrophically each year as a result of undetected low water-level conditions, says specialist combustion optimization company Boiler Combustion Technologies.
Jun 07, 2013
Heavy steel engineering company Cyclotherm SA in April installed two 3 t dual-fired steam boilers (Cyclotherm C7000) - which can be fired on gas or light oil - and all ancillary equipment for healthcare company Adcock Ingram’s new high-volume liquid plant in...
Jun 08, 2012
An environment-friendly, emulsified fuel, called EM-fuel, supplied by environmental technology company Nano Bubble Technologies (NBT) is able to limit carbon build-up in boilers, reducing maintenance and harmful emissions, the company reports.
Jun 08, 2012
Boiler and environmental solutions provider John Thompson, a division of electrical products supplier Actom, is now offering the sugar industry, as well as other industrial users that want to burn biomass, high-pressure monodrum boilers.
Jun 08, 2012
Thermoprocessing solutions provider Talec Combustion will, this month, install a complete modular burner control system – the first of its kind in South Africa – for a major food manufacturer.
Jun 08, 2012
Retrofitted boilers and burners provide reduced electricity consumption and improved combustion efficiency that can assist the boiler industry, which is facing rising energy costs, says combustion control specialist Steam House Africa project engineer Lionel Naudè.
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