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Kelvin Kemm

Dr Kemm is a nuclear physicist and is the CEO of Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Kemm is the chairperson of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation. He sits on the Board of Advisers of the Committee for A Constructive Tomorrow, based in Washington DC. 

He is also a Board Member of GoNuclear Inc, and EFN: USA both based in Colorado, USA.

Apr 29, 2016
I have been watching the performance of various national sports teams and it is an interesting exercise to contemplate what makes a winning team. I am of the opinion that it is virtually entirely psychology.
Apr 22, 2016
The Pikitup refuse workers in Johannesburg were on strike for about month. While they were on strike, refuse piled up in the city centre.  This was not only unsightly, but also a potential health hazard.
Apr 15, 2016
Recently, I had to have my home swimming pool recoated in new fibreglass and I took the opportunity to make a few changes. One thing I did was to put in a new weir.  My old weir had been hand-made out of cement, with pipes placed in the cement.  It had worked...
Apr 08, 2016
I have been watching the T-20 cricket World Cup.  It has been most exciting. The T-20 is a completely different game to the conventional test cricket.  Very different. But what strikes me is that the authorities have used the test cricket style and conventions and...
Apr 01, 2016
We think that we live in an advanced world – and, of course, we do, as looked at from our existing platform. But people in 1850 also thought that they lived in an advanced world, as did those who lived in 1750. In 2100, people will look back in history to the first...
Mar 25, 2016
In this modern world, the rate of technology advance is truly amazing. One can only imagine that it will accelerate even further in the future. However, I think I can safely say that every technology advance produces a social impact.  Some are very direct, like...
Mar 25, 2016
This is the forth column in which I detail my experiences of having to work to get money for my university fees. I am writing this to show all the university students who want to go to university and not pay any fees how much real-life education they are missing. I...
Mar 18, 2016
The illegal trade in ivory continues. This is bad. The world cannot afford to keep losing elephants. However, there is now news that Kenya plans to burn its stockpile of ivory. This is a whopping 120 t. The Kenyans want to do this very publicly – in front of an...
Mar 11, 2016
I have stressed time and again that the new nuclear programme is not a ‘purchase’. People in the media love to say how much the nuclear power plants will ‘cost,’ as if someone is going to take a truckload of cash and just pay it over to a foreigner and then return...
Mar 04, 2016
Much more nuclear power is essential for South Africa, which is aiming for a massive increase in electricity consumption – at least 100%.  In contrast, some European countries are aiming to reduce electricity consumption over the longer term. In Africa, we have to...
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