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Kelvin Kemm

Dr Kemm is a nuclear physicist and is the CEO of Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd.

He sits on the Board of Advisers of the Committee for A Constructive Tomorrow, based in Washington DC. 

He is also a Board Member of GoNuclear Inc, and EFN: USA both based in Colorado, USA.

Aug 28, 2015
Recently, with much fanfare, computer tablets were distributed to a number of schools in Gauteng.  Also supplied were electronic whiteboards for teachers. Enthusiastic people explained how much this would advance education.  I am afraid that I do not agree.  I have...
Aug 21, 2015
The general irresponsibility of the minibus taxi industry has to be addressed as a matter of urgency.  It is getting totally out of hand.  Two recent  made yet another impact on me. The one was a totally irresponsible action that resulted in the death of two people....
Aug 14, 2015
I carry out strategic planning sessions for companies.  I do fault analysis of projects or tactics which went wrong in order to advise on how to fix the snags.  I also, from time to time, when invited, give business school courses on strategic and logical thinking...
Aug 07, 2015
I read a newspaper article which stated that the ballistics ‘fingerprinting’ of firearms may not be as foolproof as previously thought. My first reaction to this is to find it hard to believe. I have been in a ballistics laboratory and have looked through the...
Jul 31, 2015
Next month marks seventieth anniversary of the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. What is rather interesting is that, over the years, from time to time, there have been gatherings of people who survived the Hiroshima blast.  Most...
Jul 24, 2015
Imagine that you run a canned-food factory and you decide to extend the plant by 25%. You will have to find a design team and building contractors.  Or imagine that you are tasked with extending the Richards Bay harbour substantially and the estimate is that this...
Jul 17, 2015
If you do not know where you are going, then any road will take you there. Technology is a scary word to most people because it immediately conjures up images of highly complex machinery with silicon chips and flashing lights.  That certainly is technology, but so is...
Jul 10, 2015
There are groups of people who love to attack business and industry leaders and to accuse them of being horrible, antisocial people, intent on profit only. They are painted as being uncaring of everything, except profits. By far the majority of business and industry...
Jul 03, 2015
This whole Banting diet issue has been very much in the news for a while now. It was all precipitated by Professor Tim Noakes coming out in favour of aspects of the diet.  It is somewhat entertaining to watch the whole thing unfold. We then had the Association for...
Jun 26, 2015
The totally solar-powered aircraft, Solar Impulse 2, was built to be used in an attempt to fly around the world powered by solar power alone. I must say that this aircraft is a wonderful piece of technology and I marvel at the science and design which went into its...
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